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[Home-made practice of sauerkraut stew]_ making method _ how to make

[Home-made practice of sauerkraut stew]_ making method _ how to make

Many people in our life prefer to eat sauerkraut fish, both because the taste of sauerkraut fish is good, and because the nutritional value of sauerkraut fish is relatively high, but most people choose to eat in restaurants when they eat sauerkraut fish.The sauerkraut fish made in the restaurant is more authentic. The sauerkraut fish we make is not so delicious. So what is the common practice of sauerkraut fish?


Sauerkraut fish main ingredients: 1 carp (about 1000 grams), 250 grams of sauerkraut.

1 egg white, 40 g mixed oil, 1250 g soup, 4 g refined salt, 3 g monosodium glutamate, 4 g pepper noodles, 15 g cooking wine, 25 g chili powder, 10 pepper, 3 ginger, 7 g garlic cloves.
Production method: 1. Descale the carp, gills, laparotomy, clean the internal organs, remove two pieces of fish with a knife, split the fish heads, and make the bones into pieces.

Soak green sauerkraut and cut into sections.

2. Put the wok on the fire, put in the oil and heat, add the peppercorns, ginger slices, garlic cloves to fry the aroma, pour the green pickled cabbage and stir-fry, add the soup and boil, add the fish head, fishBone and cook over high heat.

Skim the noodle soup and drip into the cooking wine to make it fishy.

Add refined salt, and Hu Xiangtong noodles are ready for use.

3, the fish skewer blades to the people 0.

Add 3 cm of saury fillet, add salt, cooking wine, monosodium glutamate, egg whites and mix well, so that the fillet is evenly covered with a layer of egg syrup.

4. After the soup in the pot is boiled, shake the fish fillets into the pot.

Heat the oil in another pot, stir-fry the pickled peppers, and pour in the soup pot for 1 to 2 minutes.

After the fishy fish is cooked to maturity, add MSG and pour into the soup bowl to serve.

Sauerkraut fish is a famous special dish in Kanto. It is fresh and refreshing, appetizing and spleen refreshing, refreshing and refreshing. Tangmei delicious sauerkraut fish[main ingredients]1 fresh fish.

1250 grams of pickled greens.

200 grams of ginger.

15 grams of MSG.

1 gram garlic.

10 grams of egg white.

2 soaked red peppers.

15 grams of fresh soup.

1500 grams of Sichuan salt.

5 grams of mixed oil.

50 grams of pepper.

3 grams of cooking wine.

15 grams of peppercorns.

1 gram[cooking method]1.

Fresh fish is cut, and the scales are removed. The fins, gills, and internal organs are washed. Use two blades of fish under the blade to split the fish head and chop the fish bones into 1.

5 cm sized pieces; Wash the vegetables a little, cut into short sections; wash the garlic skin into flaps; wash and cut the ginger into pieces; soak the red peppers into a fine powder.


Set the pan on the fire, and when the oil is burned until it is 50% hot, put garlic cloves, ginger slices, and peppercorns to burst the aroma. Then stir-fry the green vegetables to stir fry, decompose the fresh soup and boil, and then lower the fish head and fish bones.Cook, beat the foam, cook the cooking wine, season the Sichuan salt and pepper, and continue cooking.


The skewer of fish is cut into 3mm thick fish fillets. Put them into the bowl, use Sichuan salt, cooking wine, MSG code, and then break the eggs into the egg whites. Pour the egg whites into the egg whites.The slices gradually shake and add to the boiled fish stockpot.


Set another pot on the fire, when the oil is burned to 50% heat, stir in the pepper and stir-fry the flavor, then pour it into the soup pot and cook for a few minutes until the fish is raw.Serve inside the bowl.

[Process key]1.

Fresh live grass carp must be used before making soup dishes, or whole fish can be cooked in gizzards, removing gills and offal, washing nails, inserting trowels, and cutting two sections obliquely.2.

Don’t fry the whole fish.

Wuhuo boil the fish to produce a white milk soup.

After soaking vegetables, the cooking time is long, the soup color is dark, and the soup taste is poor.


The origin of pickled fish is quoted a lot.

Some people said that Zhou Yu Restaurant, which was founded in Jinfu Township, Jiangjin County, Chongqing City, operated sauerkraut fish in the mid-1980s, and was very popular with eateries. This store has received a lot of apprentices. After Yicheng, he left the store to establish his own portal.The store’s fist variety also spread in all directions.

[Is it better to drink soup first?]What is the order?

[Is it better to drink soup first?]What is the order?

The question of eating first or drinking soup is really preliminary, because everyone thinks it will be dry after eating. Drinking a bowl of soup is the best match, but it actually depends on whether it is during weight loss. If it isIt is recommended to drink soup before eating during weight loss as it will be easier to absorb.

Is it better to drink soup first or to eat first?

This issue has always been disputed.

From a health point of view, soup is more suitable for drinking before meals, prolongs satiety and helps to lose weight.

At the same time, drinking soup before meals can lubricate the digestive tract, and can fully absorb the nutrients in the soup.

And if you choose to drink soup after a meal, enlargement will lead to a decrease in gastric juice and affect the digestion of food, then everyone is already full after a meal. At this time, drinking soup will cause excess nutrition and cause obesity.

Drinking soup before eating will lose weight? Drinking soup after meals will make you fatter.

After eating the soup, you can support the stomach very much, coupled with a lot of feces and transfer in the soup, resulting in excess nutrition transferred.

And drink soup before meal, soup into the stomach, through the vagus nerve reflection to the appetite center of the brainstem, reduce the excitement of the appetite center, so that you can control your appetite immediately, the appetite will automatically reduce by 1/3, and the speed of eating will also followIt becomes slower.

Therefore, thin people should gain weight and drink soup after meals; fat people want to lose weight and drink soup before meals.

Different drinking habits in different regions of the east: Song Yuyu.

Song Yuyu is a famous soup handed down from the Southern Song Dynasty.

It is made by steaming and stripping the main ingredients of anchovy, adding shredded ham, shiitake mushrooms, bamboo shoots, and chicken soup.

Catfish is rich in nutrition, tender and tender, and easy to digest, suitable for all ages.

West: Hu spicy soup.

Hu spicy soup has a history of thousands of years. It originated in Henan and spread in Shaanxi.

Hu spicy soup is famous for its rich ingredients.

Beef balls, cabbage, potatoes, and carrots are the necessary ingredients, which meets the requirements of food.

In addition, pepper is added to it, which has the effect of increasing appetite and strengthening stomach and expelling wind.

South: Ginseng Black Chicken Soup.

Cantonese people like to drink soup, and pay attention to drinking old fire soup. There are many kinds of old fire soup. Here we recommend a ginseng black chicken soup.

Black chicken is known as “precious dietary rare bird”, black chicken is called protein, B vitamins, amino acids and various trace elements, but its cholesterol and trace content are very low.

The American ginseng has the effect of nourishing qi, nourishing the stomach and regenerating fluids, can nourish the five internal organs, cure the weakness of the spleen and the stomach, and warm and nourish the blood.

North: Sauerkraut Pork Ribs Soup.

The cold weather in Northeast China, drinking soup can axially drive cold.

People in Northeast China love sauerkraut. The refreshing sauerkraut soup can relieve oiliness and promote digestion.

Sauerkraut also contains a large number of lactic acid bacteria, which can maintain the normal physiological function of the urethra.

[Can yellow sugar replace brown sugar]_Replace brown sugar_Replace red grain

[Can yellow sugar replace brown sugar]_Replace brown sugar_Replace red grain

Can brown sugar replace brown sugar?

The raw material for brown sugar is sugar cane, which contains about 95% sucrose.

The traditional method is to crush the harvested sugarcane. The pressed juice first eliminates impurities such as soil, bacteria, and fiber, and then boils at low temperature.

After 6 hours of stirring, the water is continuously evaporated slowly, so that the sugar concentration gradually increases. After cooling the high-concentration syrup, it solidifies into a solid lump of raw sugar, namely brown sugar bricks.

The functions of brown sugar and yellow sugar are the same, except that the degree of removing impurities is different in the sugar making process.

Brown sugar refers to the finished sugar cane with honey. Sugar cane is squeezed and concentrated to form honey.

Brown sugar is divided into red sugar, brown sugar powder, bowl sugar, etc. according to different crystalline particles. Because it has not been highly refined, almost all the ingredients in the sugar juice are retained. In addition to the sugar function, it also contains vitamins and trace elements such as iron., Zinc, manganese, chromium, etc., nutritional content is much higher than white sugar.

Yellow sugar has a high degree of sweetness. Yellow sugar contains abundant substances. In addition to sweetness, it also has a unique flavor. It is suitable for simple foods, such as red bean soup and yellow sugar cake.Black tea, coffee, etc., are full of sweetness.

Because of the high purity of sweetness, it can be used to prepare beverages or make pastry without affecting the original taste of other materials, and has the effect of making pastry fluffy.

Because yellow sugar is produced by the local method and has not been chemically refined, it retains the original taste of sugar cane sugar and is used in many high-end foods today.

In the sugar industry, there is no specific yellow sugar concept, or yellow sugar exists as a variety of brown sugar.

Generally, brown sugar has a lower heat during the cooking process, and when it is light in color, it will be light yellow or cyan, which is called yellow sugar.

The main consumer group of yellow sugar is the south.

For example, brown sugar produced in Guangdong and “Yiwu Qing” produced by Yiwu in Zhejiang are representative of yellow sugar.

In the modern industrialized production process, a kind of yellow sugar produced by using light-colored brown sugar as a raw material and adding a small amount of yellow rock sugar to the ground appeared in Guangyue area.

This product is not yellow sugar in the traditional sense.

But with the addition of some rock sugar ingredients, the taste is softer.

In addition, rock sugar has the effect of clearing heat and removing fire.

[What are folk snacks]_types_classification

[What are folk snacks]_types_classification

Folk snacks are a favorite of many people. There are a variety of snacks and specialties spread in the folk. Each kind of snack has a history and story. Generally, the common folk snacks are spicy or hot and sour powder.These two kinds of cuisine started from the Sichuan area, and are mainly known for their spicy taste. Through the continuous improvement of diet, they are now very common.

What are folk snacks?

“Chongqing Hot and Sour Noodles” is a traditional snack that is widely spread in the suburbs of Chongqing. The main powder is made from sweet potatoes, red scallions, and peas in the best proportion.

Shandong Pancakes Shandong Pancakes are from Taishan and are very thin. They are made from grains and grains. They are made for ordinary people. They are scallions, vegetables, meat, or seafood, which are delicious.

Pu Songling specially created “Pancake Fu” for it, which shows the deep feelings for pancakes.

At present, the Taian pancakes take Yuzhen pancakes as an example. The origin history can be traced back to the Song Dynasty.

In Xintai City, Shandong Province, Loude Town, a very famous home of pancakes, has the title of “China’s No. 1 Pancake Town”. Everyone here will make Shandong pancakes, which is legendary.

Xi’an paste spicy soup Paste spicy soup, one of the most classic snacks of Shaanxi people, can be said to condense the essence of Shaanxi snacks.

Almost in Xi’an, as long as there are people living there will be hot and spicy soup.

I walked through the back streets and alleys in the morning, and I could smell the flavor of broth from a large pot. I heard the chef who sells hot and spicy soup shouted in Shaanxi dialect with special characteristics: hot and spicy soup, hot soup, etc.Wait and watch the lines of soup pulled up by a wooden spoon.

This is the style of Shaanxi people and the lives of Xi’an people.

Boiled spicy soup is a unique skill of the Hui people in Xi’an. There seems to be no rumors. Almost all shops selling paste spicy soup will have halal brands, and often some Hui people’s pavilions even sell paste spicy soup.

Because the essence of hot and spicy soup is soup, you must use a good broth, and the pure lamb or beef soup in the pavilion restaurant can just meet the discerning tastes of those who eat.

The dishes in the hot and spicy soup are very mixed. Almost every restaurant selling hot and spicy soup is different. There may be 100 kinds of dishes in 100 hot and spicy soups.

Hanzhong Hot Noodles Hanzhong Hot Noodles are steamed noodles made from ground rice, steamed with salt, pepper, vinegar and other seasonings, and served with seasonal vegetables.

The hot noodles in Hanzhong are delicious and spicy. The noodles are suitable for all kinds of people.

Lanzhou Beef Ramen is a famous flavor snack in Lanzhou, which is well-known throughout the country.

The five steps of making Lanzhou beef ramen noodles, from the selection of ingredients, noodles, wake noodles, or slide bars and ramen, easily use the physical properties, namely the stretchability and elasticity of gluten protein.

Wuhan hot dry noodles, hot dried noodles and Shanxi knife noodles, Liangguang Yifu noodles, Sichuan dandan noodles, and northern fried noodles are also known as the five famous noodles in China. They are quite premature snacks.

Hot dry noodles are one of the most famous foods in Wuhan. They are an integral part of the life of Wuhan people. The noodles are slender and strong, yellow and oily, and delicious.

Stir in sesame oil, hemp sauce, shrimp, spiced pickles and other ingredients.

Hot dried noodles were originally snacks in Wuhan. Since they were relatively close to Xinyang, they became the favorite of Xinyang people after they arrived in Xinyang.

Beijing Fritters Soybean Fritters is one of the traditional popular foods. It is not only cheap, but also crispy and delicious, suitable for all ages.

The churros have a long history.

The churros in ancient China were called “cold gear”.

A poet of the Tang Dynasty, Liu Yuxi, described the shape and production process of fritters in a poem about cold appliances:”.

How vivid is the poem in this poem!

Fritters are the most common snack in Beijing and are usually eaten early.

Shanghai glutinous rice group glutinous rice group is a traditional breakfast for old Shanghainese. These special traditional breakfasts can be seen in some stalls in Ningbo and Shanghai.

Roll the glutinous rice into a thin sheet of noodles, put some mustard on top, sandwich a fritter, and roll into a dumpling. In this way, the pure Shanghai glutinous rice ball is completed.

Ningbo dumpling dumpling is one of Ningbo’s famous snacks and one of the representative snacks of the upstream. It has a long history.

It is rumored that dumplings originated from the Song Dynasty.

At that time, a novel food was emerging everywhere, that is, filling with various fruit baits, and kneading nuo rice noodles into balls. After cooking, it tasted sweet and delicious, which was very interesting.

Because this nuo rice ball is boiled in the pot and floats and sinks, it was originally called “Fu Yuan Zi”, and later some areas changed the name to “Fu Yuan Zi”.

Unlike the northerners, the people of Ningbo have the traditional custom of sitting together and eating dumplings together on the morning of the Spring Festival.

Changsha rice noodles Changsha rice noodles are not as famous as Guilin rice noodles, but they have their own characteristics and are one of the favorite foods of Changsha citizens.

People in Changsha like to eat rice noodles. There are two types of rice noodles: round noodles and flat noodles. Most people in Changsha tend to eat noodles, because almonds have an advantage over round noodles.Soup to taste.

[Contraindications of ginger, jujube and brown sugar to boil water]_How to conditioning_Diet conditioning

[Contraindications of ginger, jujube and brown sugar to boil water]_How to conditioning_Diet conditioning

In life, many people especially like to drink some jujube brown sugar water, especially for some female friends, drinking some jujube brown sugar water during the physiological period can replenish qi and blood, and also make the body warmer, but for someFor those who often get angry, jujube brown sugar water is not suitable for drinking, because it causes them to become more severe. So what are the taboos of boiling ginger jujube brown water?

The practice of ginger, red dates and brown sugar water: 1. Wash and slice the ginger.

2. Put ginger slices, red dates and brown sugar into the pot.

3. Add appropriate water.

I added half a pot of water.

Add more, because some water will evaporate during the cooking process.

4. Fire.

I use a battery stove.

It’s faster.

Bring it to a high heat first, then boil it, then lower the heat, about 5-10 minutes.

This will cook for a total of 10-15 minutes.

5, just cooked, all hot.

One uncovered.

The ginger smell was coming out.

But ginger hasn’t changed much.

Want to taste better.

Then cook over low heat.

Note 1: You do n’t need to remove all the ginger peels, just wash them and cut them thin, so that the ginger juice is easy to cook.

Convenient for brown sugar water.

2. Dates are ready-to-eat, so they are not washed.

Jujubes are bought according to their own preferences.

How much of these are up to you.

Here are about 8-9 slices of ginger and 8 dates.

Brown sugar does not taste sweet, so you can add more.

If you like sweetness, you can add more.

The above is the practice of this soup. The nutritional value of this soup is very high, which is very suitable for our current life.

In his free time, sit on a sunny rocking chair and hold a bowl of warm sweet soup.

Enjoying life is the right of each of us.

We should live well each day. Life is short. We must learn to enjoy life. 4 types of people should not eat red dates. People such as phlegm-rich people often show thick tongue fur, sweet or greasy mouth, appetiteWeakness, usually feeling full stomach, severe cases will be accompanied by dizziness, nausea, vomiting, eyelid and facial swelling and other symptoms.

The fatty nature of jujube is easy to moisturize, and it is difficult to clear the phlegm when it stays in the body. Boots aggravate the discomfort mentioned above.

People of this constitution are more suitable for eating spleen and damp food such as barley kernel, red adzuki bean, yam, and loofah.

Second, people who fall in love with the typical body constitution is hot, often constipation, bad breath, throat swelling and pain, and other symptoms of the fire, and jujube is sweet and warm, biased to warm, if eaten in large quantities, it is like pouring oil on the fire.

In the early stage of a cold, the cold or wind-heating evil that invades the human body is flourishing. If you eat jujube at this time, its sticky nature will often lead to the retention of evil qi, resulting in the consequences of staying behind the doorThe disease is difficult to dispel and is not conducive to recovery.

Fourth, the sugar content of jujube in diabetic patients increases, blood sugar in diabetic patients increases, and the condition worsens.

Therefore, people with high blood sugar should not eat more dates.

[Can pregnant women drink bottled coconut juice]_Pregnancy_Contraindications

[Can pregnant women drink bottled coconut juice]_Pregnancy_Contraindications

Coconut juice is a popular beverage. There are many brands of coconut juice on the market, but most of the bottled or canned coconut juice has some food additives. For pregnant women, the special constitutionIs not suitable for drinking.

Of course, pregnant women can drink natural coconut juice.

Below, I will introduce the knowledge of pregnant women drinking coconut juice in detail.

First, can pregnant women drink bottled coconut juice? Bottled freshly squeezed coconut juice ca n’t actually be eaten. It ‘s a beverage and there are quite a lot of food additives. You can go to the fruit store to buy fresh coconut.Substances are pure natural products, and there are sweeteners, pigment preservatives and so on in beverages.

Second, can pregnant women drink coconut juice? Moderate amount of coconut milk can.

Coconut skin is thick and soft, so that the fruit does not break when it falls, and it can prevent the invasion of water.

When eating coconut, first peel off the skin and drop the hard shell. There are a few white spots on the hard shell. Open it, suck the coconut juice with a straw, then scrape the white flesh with a knife.It tastes better.

And there is a lot of knowledge about eating coconut, such as coconut juice leaves coconut shell taste will change; the coconut juice poured out in the morning is sweeter and lighter in the afternoon.

Fresh coconut juice is “clear as water and sweet as honey”. It is cool, sweet, delicious, unique in flavor and high in nutritional value after drinking. It is the best drink to relieve heat.

Third, pregnant women can not eat a certain food1, alcohol: alcohol is an important factor leading to severe deformities and mental retardation.

Pregnant women should not drink alcohol during pregnancy. It is best not to eat alcoholic beverages and foods.

2, too much sugar: the metabolism of sugar in the human body will consume a large amount of calcium, the lack of calcium during pregnancy is easy to affect the development of skin teeth, bones.

Sugar is not a basic nutrient, and absorption of excess sugar can make pregnant women overweight.

3. MSG: The component of MSG is sodium glutamate. Excessive eating can affect the absorption of zinc, which is not conducive to the development of the voltage nervous system.

4. Pickled foods: Although this kind of food is delicious, it contains nitrite, phenylpropanine, etc., which is bad for the body.

5. Caffeine-containing foods: Pregnant women should not drink too much coffee, tea and other caffeine drinks and foods.

As a substance that can affect the physiological changes of women, caffeine can change the proportion of estrogen and progesterone in women to a certain extent, thereby indirectly affecting the implantation and development of fertilized eggs in the uterus.

6. Various “contaminated” foods: try to extract fresh natural foods and avoid eating foods containing food additives, pigments, preservatives, and cooked foods.

Wash fruits before eating foods that are prone to pregnancy and pesticide residues.

[Some fruits and milkshakes are delicious]_ diet conditioning _ how to match

[Some fruits and milkshakes are delicious]_ diet conditioning _ how to match

Milkshake is made with various fruits, but the best milkshake needs your favorite fruit, so the taste is the best. First of all, choose a method and make according to your body’s needs.The process of collocation, this is very important. The important cause of the milkshake is not only very good taste, but also has high nutritional value. The most important thing is to help the body absorb and promote digestion, which is beneficial to all aspects of the body.Yes, so you need to know what is the best drink with these fruits.

Fruit: Any fruit is fine, but to be fresh, it is best to choose seedless and juicy ones, such as: pear, apple, watermelon, coriander, grape, pineapple, etc.

But beware: Do not eat milk with acidic fruits, such as kiwi (kiwi), orange, grapefruit, lemon, etc., because these fruits are usually rich in vitamin C, and vitamin C is easy to interact with protein in dairy productsThe coagulation will not only affect digestion and absorption, but also cause abdominal distension, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. Therefore, after eating vitamin C-rich fruits, you must not drink milk or other dairy products immediately.

Milkshake making: Milk is the skin care food of choice.

Because milk is rich in high-quality protein, regular consumption has a good whitening and nourishing effect on the skin, which is beneficial to the skin’s metabolism; secondly, fruits, especially various dark fruits, have high vitamin content, and eating more can maintain a balanced nutrition and fight againstAllergies and skin care also have a positive effect.

There are several types of milkshakes for reference.

First, papaya milkshake Papaya is paired with milk to make a cold papaya milkshake, which is very suitable for this sultry weather.

Ingredients: 200 grams of papaya, 250 ml of milk, 1 ball of vanilla ice cream, 5 small pieces of crushed ice.

Second, avocado milkshake material: 1 avocado, 250 ml of iced milk, 2-3 tsp of sugar (can be replaced with xylitol and other sweeteners), add sugar and milk to the avocado pulp, and stir thoroughly with a blender.

Although no ice is added, this cold drink is very refreshing and has a strong milky aroma.

This milkshake is thick without ice cream or cream.

Fruit: Any fruit is fine, but to be fresh, it is best to choose seedless and juicy ones, such as: pear, apple, watermelon, coriander, grape, pineapple, etc.

But beware: Do not eat milk with acidic fruits, such as kiwi (kiwi), orange, grapefruit, lemon, etc., because these fruits are usually rich in vitamin C, and vitamin C is easy to interact with protein in dairy productsThe coagulation will not only affect digestion and absorption, but also cause abdominal distension, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. Therefore, after eating vitamin C-rich fruits, you must not drink milk or other dairy products immediately.

Milkshake making: Milk is the skin care food of choice.
Because milk is rich in high-quality protein, regular consumption has a good whitening and nourishing effect on the skin, which is beneficial to the skin’s metabolism; secondly, fruits, especially various dark fruits, have high vitamin content, and eating more can maintain a balanced nutrition and fight againstAllergies and skin care also have a positive effect.

[How to remove the fishy smell of eggs]_How to remove_How to remove flavor

[How to remove the fishy smell of eggs]_How to remove_How to remove flavor

Egg is a kind of food rich in various nutrients, and it is also an ingredient that can be used in many cases.

For example, when scrambled eggs or making cakes, eggs are essential.

Although the eggs are delicious, they also have a fishy smell. If the fishy smell is not removed, it will affect the texture of the cake.

So how can you remove the fishy smell?

Here are some practical tips for everyone!

First, when adding lemon juice / white vinegar to the egg whites / whole eggs, add a little fresh lemon juice, which can remove the fishy smell and neutralize the alkalinity of the eggs, helping the eggs to release more stable bubbles.

Adding a few drops of white vinegar without lemon juice has the same effect.

Be careful not to add too much lemon juice and white vinegar to avoid the obvious acidity of the cake.

Second, the addition of rum rum in the baking is to enhance the flavor and taste, while adding protein / whole eggs to pass, you can enter the deodorizing effect.

Pay attention to the problem of volume, a few drops are enough, otherwise the wine tastes too heavy!

Third, add vanilla extract / use vanilla sugar vanilla extract is generally divided into natural and artificial.

It is recommended to use natural ones.

The vanilla extract sold on the top has less preservatives and more wine flavor. You can also put a few drops when making a cake, deodorize and enhance the aroma, and the finished cake has a vanilla aroma.

How to make vanilla extract: white sugar mixed with vanilla seeds (seed of vanilla pods).

In making cakes, vanilla sugar is used instead of ordinary caster sugar, which can also be used in series to remove certain fishy smells, as well as a hint of vanilla.

Vanilla sugar is vanilla sugar powder or sugar powder, which can be used for baking or decoration.

Sometimes there are certain black fine sand-like particles in vanilla sugar, which are beans or seeds in natural vanilla pods, which do not affect the use.

Fourth, add lemon / orange crumbs After the cake paste is completed, add the lemon / orange crumbs prepared previously and mix well!

Both types of fruit have a very small and fresh dandruff that can mask the cakey smell and add a lemon / orange aroma to the cake!

[Can apricots eat on an empty stomach]_Danger_Bad

[Can apricots eat on an empty stomach]_Danger_Bad

In daily life, apricot is one of the people’s favorite fruits. Apricot is sour and is not suitable for maternal and young children.

There are many ways to eat apricots. You can add dried apricots, apricot wine, preserved apricots, almond sauce, and so on.

Apricots are rich in vitamin B, which can have anti-cancer effects, and can also relieve cough and asthma.

It is best not to consume apricots on an empty stomach. It may cause stomach pain after eating.

First, can apricots be eaten on an empty stomach? It is better not to eat apricots on an empty stomach, because apricots contain organic acids and sugars. When eaten on an empty stomach, they will stimulate the gastrointestinal mucosa, which may cause pancreatic acid in the stomach and cause gastrointestinal disorders.
It should be noted that this is a general situation, but there are too many people who eat apricots on an empty stomach. However, it is best not to eat apricots on an empty stomach for gastrointestinal health.

Second, the dangers of eating apricots on an empty stomach: 1. Apricots can cause disorders of the human’s gastrointestinal function. Pay special attention not to eat on an empty stomach, or inhale cold water after eating, otherwise it will cause greater harm to the stomach.

2. When eating apricots, you must pay attention to the amount of consumption. Pregnant women, children, and the elderly are better not to consume too much, because apricots are hot and have small poisons. After eating, some bad symptoms may appear.

When eating apricots, try to eat fresh, non-rotten apricots.

Third, the efficacy and role of apricots 1.

Cough and asthma.
After the apricot enters the human body intermediate, it will be converted into an intermediate, generating a small amount of “hydrocyanic acid”.

Medical research shows that “hydrogen free radicals” can calm the central nervous system in the axial direction, so they can relieve cough and asthma.



Apricots are very rich in nutrients, such as vitamins.

Whether taken orally or externally, it can effectively reduce skin aging and maintain the skin’s lubricious elasticity.


lose weight.

Studies have shown that the unsaturated fatty acids contained in apricots are not prone to gain weight, and that apricot’s cell walls can effectively reduce the body’s digestion and absorption of uncle.


Reduces plasma.

Apricots are rich in vitamin E and some monounsaturated fatty acids.

Both of these substances can reduce the proportion of plasma in human blood, which is especially helpful for some diabetic patients with poor heart function.


Anti-cancer and anti-tumor.

An active substance contained in apricots can kill complications in human blood, which can alleviate the condition of cancer patients.

In addition, the carotene contained in apricots has the effect of preventing tumors.

[Traditional rice cake practice Daquan-]_ how to do _ how to do

[Encyclopedia of traditional rice cakes?

】 _How to do_How to do

Rice cakes are very common in life. Regularly eating rice cakes has many benefits to the body. Rice cakes are sufficient to enhance the human body’s immunity, and can reduce blood pressure and blood lipids, and delay aging. Most people can eat rice cakes.However, people with stomach problems are better off eating rice cakes. There are many ways to make rice cakes. What are the traditional methods of rice cakes?

Traditional rice cake practice Daquan method one main ingredients: crab crab accessories: water milled rice cake, fresh shiitake mushrooms, celery, zucchini, onion, ginger, garlic seasoning: salt, sugar, pepper, soy sauce, sesame oil Step: 1, after cleaning the crabsCut into pieces, scallion, ginger, garlic, cut into pieces, add water and add vegetable oil and salt, put in rice cakes after the water is boiled, cook and remove for use;Shabu-shabu, add crab, add soy sauce, white sugar and stir fry for a while, then add zucchini, celery, shiitake and stir-fry, add salt, pepper, sesame oil seasoning, add rice cakes, stir fry, and stir well.

Features: Fresh and salty, delicious and nutritious.

Method 2: Main ingredients: Korean rice cakes, Kimchi Korean, Korean fish cakes, barbecued ham Ingredients: Korean hot sauce, white sugar Steps: 1. Put kimchi bought in the supermarket and cut into small pieces on a plate and put in small platesPut it on top; 2. Open the baguette of ham, cut into small pieces, and put it in a small plate for use; 3. Cut the thawed frozen fish cake into pieces, set aside; 4. Put the pan into the oil and wait for it to burnAfter warming, pour the kimchi section into a wok and stir fry; 5, pour warm water into the pot, and after the kimchi soup is boiled, cook the sliced fish cake into the pot before cooking; 6, waitThe soup in the pot is boiled again. Put the barbecued ham slices into the pot and cook together, and add 2 tablespoons of Korean hot sauce seasoning (you can also adjust the hot sauce more or less according to your own taste); 7, bring inRoll the hot sauce, roll the bagged rice cakes into the pot and cook them together, and put them in a small fire. 8. Wait for the soup to slowly thicken, add white sugar to taste, and wait until the soup is finished.Put the pan out of the bowl and sprinkle with green onions as a garnish.

Method three ingredients: rice cake, onion, small rape, spring onion, caster sugar, oil, spicy sausage.

Steps: 1. Cut onion, small rapeseed, and green onion; 2. Cook the rice cake with water and remove it; 3. Add oil and half heat to add the right amount of white sugar, stir-fry the onion and spring onion and stir-fry the rice cake., Add an appropriate amount of water to boil; 4, add cleaned small rapeseed, put a small amount of thirteen incense, stir the chicken essence out of the pot.

Method 4 ingredients: Chinese cabbage, oyster mushroom, carrot, red pepper, bacon, snow cabbage, onion ginger garlic.

Steps: 1. Cut all kinds of ingredients into shreds or pieces as needed; 2. Hot pan with cold oil and scallion ginger and garlic minced, bacon shredded, and stir-fried with shredded cabbage; 3. Add shredded Chinese cabbage and shredded carrot,Pleurotus ostreatus flakes, red peppers stir-fried; 4, wait for the side dishes 7-8 to mature, add the appropriate amount of soy sauce, sugar, oyster sauce, pepper seasoning; 5, pour the cleaned rice cake slices, add a spoonful of broth (water)Fry for 1 minute; 6, add a spoonful of chili sauce, sprinkle with green onions, mix well and then bring out the pot.