Are you still blindly infusion?

Are you still blindly infusion?

Are you still blindly infusion?

The three major dangers of indiscriminate infusion are you still blindly infusion? Do you know that blind infusion has some kind of harm?

Many patients who have had a stroke have often worried that the disease will recur after the operation. Every year, they go to the hospital to drip the blood vessels.

But in fact, the infusion can never evacuate the heart and brain, and the infusion is harmful to the body. The following experts explain the three major hazards of blind infusion.

Hazard 1: People with high incidence of adverse reactions always think that infusion is the most trouble-free and safest, but there is little concern about the safety of infusion.

The survey found that more than 95% of people do not know the harm of infusion and unsafe injection, more than 70% of the infusion is the expected infusion.

According to the 2012 annual report on adverse drug reaction monitoring released by the State Food and Drug Administration, the adverse reactions caused by intravenous injection accounted for 56.

7%, China Safe Injection Alliance counts more than 390,000 deaths each year due to unsafe injections.

Analysis: Oral drugs are absorbed through the stomach, filtering out unwanted or harmful substances from the body before they enter the liver.

After this process, the blood concentration is lowered, and the slenderness reduces the incidence of adverse reactions such as allergic reactions.

Intravenous infusion, oral, subcutaneous injection, intramuscular injection, etc., the drug does not pass through the natural barrier of the human body and directly enters the blood circulation, the benefits are more direct and repeated, but the incidence of adverse reactions such as allergic reactions is relatively higher, and is more likely to occur.Skeptical.

After the drug is taken orally, there is an absorption process in the human body, and the stomach can be washed when an adverse reaction occurs; the subcutaneous, intramuscular injection of the drug also needs to be injected, thus creating conditions for the first aid; and the drug directly enters the blood circulation during infusion, the bodyThe drug concentration instantly reaches toxicity, and adverse reactions occur immediately and are dangerous.

Harmful 2: Because the smallest capillaries in the human body are only 4 in diameter?
7um, often more than 4um of particles in the infusion concentration solution in the heart, lung, kidney, liver, muscle, skin and other capillaries, will lead to microvascular thrombosis, increased bleeding and venous pressure, pulmonary hypertension, pulmonary fibrosis and cancer.

Microparticles may cause localized blood supply, tissue size, hypoxia, edema and inflammation, allergies, granuloma, etc.

Clinical application found that many traditional Chinese medicine preparations have large differences in preparation process, complex composition, many natural natural macromolecular substances, and different solubility of various parts of traditional Chinese medicine, it is easy to form insoluble particles, and multiple capillaries cause hypersensitivity reaction.

Analysis: Any good quality injections do not meet the ideal “zero particle” standard.

Infusion microparticles refer to tiny particle impurities contaminated by various routes during the production or use of the injection. The length is 1?
50um, is a non-metabolic harmful particle that is invisible to the naked eye and is easy to move. This is also the biggest risk factor for intravenous infusion.

The particles in the infusion have dust particles that enter the infusion with the air, cut the glass swarf generated by the sieving, the particles carried by the infusion device, the activated carbon granules added during the production process, and the crystallization of the drug.

A hospital in Beijing checked the “suspension bottle” and found that 2 ml of penicillin can be checked by adding 50% glucose solution.
There are 542 16 micron particles.

1 ml of liquid contains a lot of multi-particles, and there will be 200,000 particles in the 500 ml solution.

Hazard 3: If the infection is not strict, the operation is not standardized, the infusion contamination, etc., can cause cross infection.

Millions of patients worldwide are hospitalized every year, and tens of thousands of people are killed.

Clinically, the more drugs added to the “suspension bottle”, the more toxic and side effects, and the sharp increase in particles.

If you use 7 kinds of drugs in the “suspension bottle”, the side effects will increase by more than 50%.

Some drugs may not be properly combined, and chemical reactive precipitation may occur when entering the blood vessels.

For example, ampicillin in combination with norepinephrine can present a brown precipitate; if a large amount of vitamin C is infused, a poisoning reaction can occur.

Analyze: Intravenous infections include catheter-related infections, such as puncture sites or bloodstream infections associated with catheters, infections or contamination associated with infusion catheters.

Cross-infection occurs when the infusion set, the input liquid, the skin of the infusion site, and the nurse’s hand are contaminated.


Fall cold, cool, good health

Fall cold, cool, good health

The benefits of the autumn cold bath for body refining: it strengthens the nerve’s excitatory function, making the spirit refreshed and clear-headed after bathing.

It can enhance the body’s resistance to disease, known as “vascular gymnastics”; it helps to enhance the digestive function, and has certain auxiliary therapeutic effects on chronic gastritis, gastroptosis, constipation and other alternatives.

  However, the cold water bath exercise must take a step-by-step approach: in autumn, the temperature gradually decreases, and the human body gradually adapts to cold and cold water, so that in the late autumn and winter, the cold water bath does not feel too cold.

  The “gradual progression” of the cold water bath should also include “from partial to full body” including the washing site, “from high to low” of the water temperature, and “from short to long” in the bathing time.

There are many common cold water baths: the head bath, which washes your face with cold water.

Foot bath, feet immersed in water, water temperature can be gradually reduced from high.

Wipe the bath, use a towel dipped in cold water to wipe the body, the force should not be too fierce, the time should not be too long, just enough.

Shower, first wash with warm water, and gradually descend to bath with tap water.

  Need to pay attention to: high blood pressure, severe heart disease, coronary heart disease, rheumatism, cavitary tuberculosis, sciatica and high fever patients should not be cold water bath.

Spring Festival travel by train, pay attention to hygiene

Spring Festival travel by train, pay attention to hygiene

Although the traffic has become more and more developed, the train is still the first choice for many people in the “Spring Festival”. Therefore, the comfortable journey has become “hard” because of the crowd, the occluded space, the crowd, the uncontrollable diet and public goods.Safety. All kinds of factors can make your return home full of health risks.

  Spring Festival travel by train, urinating too much injury, drinking water, taking the train during the Spring Festival, the biggest problem is “difficult to go to the toilet”, especially for women who are more suitable for toilets, sometimes they can only choose to eat less and drink less, avoid waste.The toilet, or how long it can last.

  Urine can cause urinary tract infections, and robes infect female private parts, causing gynecological inflammation, so urinating is not desirable, and should not reduce drinking water.

  Even how to squeeze, the queue to go to the toilet still have to row.

It is not good, you can go to the bathroom of the platform to go to the toilet when you arrive at the big station where the stop time is long.

  Spring Festival by train, sedentary and do small sports usually take the train, especially the sleeper passengers, you can stroll at any time, this “privilege” during the Spring Festival is basically impossible.

  The passengers in the train are crowded, it is inconvenient to walk around, and there are many people, and it is easy to throw things when walking around. Many people have been sitting, or some people may have no seats and need to stand all the time, which is easy to cause blood vessel thrombosis., there is edema and even varicose.

  If it is not convenient to stand up, you can do the legs and small movements of the foot. For example, if you turn your ankles and tiptoes, you should go to the platform when the train stops.

  Spring Festival by train, stable mood, do not bother with the crowded Spring Festival, is a great test of emotions, many people can not express their mood in time, it is easy to suffer from “Spring Festival syndrome.”

The main symptoms of the Spring Festival syndrome are: worry, panic, fear, etc., easy to feel emotional anxiety, boredom.

  May bring a bottle of oil, a variety of odor impurities in the compartment, mixed with the vocal vocal, wipe the wind oil or cool oil under the temples and nose, causing depression, tension, affecting recovery and calm.

  In addition, don’t forget to bring your favorite books, games, music, long and boring ride time, get off the air and breathe fresh air, you can also help you improve your mood.

  Spring Festival train tips, but also to prepare a foot in the sanitary journey to disinfect the wet tissue, in case of inconvenient hand washing; must eat before eating and after the toilet; do not pinch the eye, digging the nose, ears.

  It is best to bring enough water and food yourself, use a public water dispenser as little as possible, and carry food that is convenient and difficult to mold.

  Be sure to bring some essential medicines, such as anti-allergic drugs, disinfection products and band-aids, when you go out.

What is the diet of syphilis patients?

Daily diet contraindications for syphilis patients


What is the diet of syphilis patients?
Daily diet contraindications for syphilis patients

The harm of syphilis disease to patients is very serious. The disease is a kind of skin septic disease. Patients with syphilis diseases can also be assisted by food in the case of doctors’ treatment. This will have unexpected effects!

At the same time, syphilis patients maintain a good mentality, to maintain normal drinking water every day, because water can eliminate the role of toxins, then there are some taboos on the diet of syphilis?

Dietary precautions for syphilis patients 1, recovery from syphilis, attention to daily diet is also very important, because syphilis patients in the diet is best not to eat some irritating food, is very bad for the recovery of the disease.

2, some vitamin B6 foods also have a great help to the patient’s condition, such as potatoes, broad beans, herring, oranges, sesame and so on.

3, you can eat more foods rich in vitamin A, carrots, spinach, cabbage, leeks, leeks, broccoli, spinach, mustard, medlar, malan head, day lily, fennel, coriander, kale, apricot and so on.

Vitamin B6 plays an important role in regulating the synthesis of adults and fatty acids, inhibiting sebum secretion, and stimulating hair regeneration.

4, eat more foods rich in vitamin B2 and vitamin C also have a certain effect on seborrheic alopecia.

Patients with secondary syphilis should eat less animal waste, sweets and spicy foods.

5, on the syphilis diet to pay attention to what the problem, we can also choose some remedies for effective treatment, Baizhi (dry medicine), pepper, Pinellia 90 grams each.

Add 500 ml of water to the medicine, fry until 250 ml, add honey juice, and fry 1 – 2 boiling.

Use the lowest ginger juice in life, mix thoroughly, wipe no hair, 2 times a day.

Experts remind: Although syphilis can be treated with diet, it is by no means the first choice. It is also necessary to use effective antibiotics to cut off the development of the disease and clear the syphilis, so as to achieve the purpose of cure.

6 bad habits that are detrimental to health in life

6 bad habits that are detrimental to health in life

Inadvertently, we have developed a lot of habits.

Good habits can benefit a lifetime, while bad habits can affect the image, while large ones are harmful to health.

What is the habit of harming health?

  1, wrist two legs This is the most common habit, many people have, but this habit is not good, will affect the blood circulation of the legs, especially those with long legs, it is easy to get venous thrombosis.

In addition, when the reciprocating Erlang legs, the pressure of the upper body is unevenly distributed on the spine, which can cause deformation of the spine continuously.

  2, pressure finger joints Whether in the movie or in life, often see someone holding a hand, making a “squeaky” sound, it seems that although it is cool, some people think that this can move the joints and enhance their flexibility.

I don’t know if this little habit is actually bad.

  The reason why the joints are pressed is because there is a syringe-like liquid in the joints. If the liquid is reduced and friction occurs between the joints, it will make a sound.

Frequently squeezing the joints can cause joint wear and tear, and can only be played little and not often.

  3, often digging ears Many people think that deafness is a waste, properly cleaned up in time.

In fact, deafness is not a dirty thing. It is acidic and covers the surface of the external auditory canal. It protects the ear canal.

  Frequent digging of the ear can irritate the skin in the ear to cause chronic inflammation, resulting in increased secretion of deafness.

If you accidentally rub your ears, it is easy to scratch the skin and stab the tympanic membrane to affect your hearing.

  4, hand squeezing acne squeezing acne is not a good way to eliminate acne, many people know, but always can not help but squeeze when acne.

If the acne has matured, it can be discharged with a sterile professional tool such as a acne needle. After the squeezing, the wound should also be anti-inflammatory.

  The hand is not clean, and the bacteria are most likely to accumulate in the nails. If the acne is squeezed, it is easy to cause infection, so it is not necessary to squeeze the acne.

  5, brushing teeth for too long brushing teeth can clean the mouth and teeth, can prevent dental disease and oral inflammation.

But brushing your teeth for a long time is detrimental to health, because from the dentin to the root, there is only a thin layer of solids to protect the gums. Brushing your teeth for a long time will damage the gums, leading to bleeding and periodontitis.

  6, hooded sleep Many people like to sleep, but this will disrupt our breathing rhythm.

The oxygen we inhale during sleep and the carbon dioxide in the blood are exchanged in the lungs, and the blood is placed in the body’s various organs to make it function properly, coordinate with each other, and the spirit is naturally full.

  When the hood is asleep, the supply of oxygen is selected by the quilt barrier.

The oxygen in the bed will decrease with the increase in the number of breaths, and carbon dioxide will increase.

The blood that should have been transported with oxygen carries thick carbon dioxide. The organ does not get enough oxygen to operate properly. The listlessness naturally becomes what you look like after waking up the next day.

Older people are more suitable for the exercise of “fine water and long flow”

Older people are more suitable for the exercise of “fine water and long flow”

Some elderly people have long-term squatting exercises while exercising, which is especially important to avoid.
Because the knees of the person are very tight when knees are bent, they are very worn and easily lead to an accelerated course of joint disease.
Others like to press the leg and stretch the ligament. This exercise is of course no problem, but for an elderly person with osteoporosis, if the external force is relatively large when pressed, it is very easy to be injured.
  In addition, the elderly often go to the street garden to skip the old disco after dinner. Some rhythms are quite “strong”. The coordination of the elderly is not very good. If you deliberately pursue the beat of the music, the movement is easy to shape, in case the bodyThe center of gravity is lost, and falling is very dangerous.
  For the elderly, there is no sport that everyone is suitable for, and you need to find out what is right for you.
In addition, to grasp the amount of exercise, you can’t feel like you are still young.
If you wear too little during exercise, your shoulders and lower back are prone to cold and joint problems.
  Another reminder for the elderly is that they don’t want to sit on the sofa or chair watching TV at home, because some old people are not willing to go out. It’s four or five hours to watch TV, whether it’s internal organs or the body.There is no benefit in quality.
  The old man’s exercise method should be in the usual long-flowing style. Doing housework can also achieve the purpose of exercise, but don’t bend the ground or carry heavy things, so that the body can’t adapt to this change and strain the muscles.

Workplace survival skills send you three amulets

Workplace survival skills send you three amulets

Since the office environment is composed of people, the behavior of each individual will inevitably affect other people’s thoughts, the overall atmosphere, and the progress of the work. They want to shine in the workplace, except for talent, and more importantly, personality.Emotional intelligence (EQ), social and many other invisible abilities.

Talent and professional ability, only when you are a freshman in the workplace, can add points to your competition. When you formally become a warrior in the work arena, the ability to really make you survive is actually: intelligence.

The office politics test is the ability of the office workers to adapt, coordinate, and so on.

  It is not surprising that every enterprise has the difficulty of having limited resources, and it is inevitable that there will be problems of uneven distribution. It is not surprising to use some means to increase the individual’s competitive advantage.

Each company has two organizational structures: a formal organizational structure can be presented in a chart, and an informal organizational structure is a human relationship, indicating a white point, office politics is just a friend who is more beneficial to your career, lessComplain among colleagues.

  Office workers should see a fact. It is normal to conduct political behavior in the office. It is strange to have no political activities. Those who close their eyes and pretend that there is no office politics are like crossing the road but not watching the traffic lights, or when the typhoon strikes.However, it is dangerous to pay attention to the news of heavy rain and earth and stone flow.

  If you want to overcome your fears and fears, you should let go of all your disdain and helplessness, join in and enjoy office politics.

Office politics is difficult to master, but not complicated.

What is office politics?

It is the attitude of dealing with people, it is difficult to pinch the position of advancing and retreating, it is the heart of harming people, and the heart of defending people is indispensable. In short, it is to make friends, especially those who can be at the core of power, like yours.Your boss, become your mentor and friend.

  The politics of the general official office is divided into two categories.

One is that the office is thick and black, teaching people how to achieve success through unscrupulous means, even if they are intrigued, even if they are intrigued, they will swindle and sacrifice their friends, and the other is like Carnegie, which is viewed in a more optimistic and positive way.Workplace politics.

The two paths vary from person to person and do not have to be excessively wasteful. The most ideal attitude is to “moderately participate” in office politics, but also to protect yourself from time to time.

  To this end, the career emergency room is particularly poor, and Huang Chun, who has come to the workplace for 10 workplace amulets, has twice published an office political album, and blessed the princes to avoid evil in the workplace.

Even if they are effective and invalid, they have to look at each other.

  第一道护身符-办公室政治没有台风眼  忌:置身事外、漠不关心  宜:与人为善,耳聪目明  很多人抱着‘清者自清、浊者自浊’的心态在看待办公室政治,以为只要能独善其身就可以远离是非,但实情是,地球上没有真正的中立国,办公室里也没有可以明哲保身的人,只要身在办公室里,就是处在暴风圈,没有所谓的‘台风眼’可容藏身.
  Many people naively believe that as long as they are professional and have a down-to-earth job, they will not get into trouble. One day, the boss will notice me this jade, but the end result is often counterproductive, because professional is not the only indicator of promotion, hiding inBehind the computer, not communicating with colleagues, will not let you become a leader, manager.

  Others say that office politics is the intrigue of high-level officials. It does not matter to our grassroots employees. In fact, the management has political science of management, and grassroots employees also have political questions for grassroots employees.

  Since the organization is a combination of people, everyone has their own priorities and interests. If you don’t learn how to coordinate the relationship between people, you don’t want to think about it.

  Office workers should recognize that office politics is not a reality of onlookers. This is a game in which you will automatically be sentenced out if you don’t play.

Those who want to be independent can be forgotten by everyone, and even one day you have to roll and walk.

  We are definitely not advocating office workers to make waves in the office. Every battle must be done. You don’t have to play a melee, but you must keep informed and adapt.

  The second amulet – you have achieved the team, the team will also achieve your bogey: openly engage in small groups should: work hard to save the network of passers-by before the island’s well-known accountant Lu Fangfang led the 109-member team to quit, causing the accounting community to sway,The performance of the Lulu team accounted for one-eighth of the old club’s joint trust accounting firm, with an annual visa income of 1.

800 million Taiwan dollars.

This is the best alternative for individuals and teams.


To recognize the success of the team is the individual’s success. The higher the contribution of the individual to the team, the heavier the weight in the team. In addition, remember to attribute the credit and glory to the team’s partners.

  If you are a newcomer who is still clear about the situation, don’t rush to set up your own small group or join someone else’s circle. If you accidentally commit high-level taboos, step on someone else’s site, or even choose the wrong side.Then don’t think about mixing in the office.

首要之务是先弄清楚公司里的党派生态,良心的建议是跟每个同事都保持良好关系,尽量不要被贴上派系卷标,除非环境里朋党的强弱分明,那当然要选择‘西瓜偎大边’啦!  The third amulet – saliva is a disaster, when the heartache comes out of the mouth: confessing right and wrong, spreading rumors should be: but ask others to do private things, not to publicize personal privacy, do not be in the office of their own private affairs, or spread other people’s gossip among colleagues, thisBoth behaviors will unconsciously push themselves into a dangerous situation.

But you should definitely open your ears and seal your mouth. ‘There are ears and mouths.’ It’s not just an adult’s lesson to teach children, it’s also one of the survival methods of the office jungle.

  Gossip has always been the best common topic of contact between colleagues, especially in the “personal room” between the tea room and the bathroom. It is often the largest distribution center for rumors, and it is also the “secret garden” for everyone to say bad things about the boss.。
However, even if you have suffered a lot of grievances in the office, you should not complain to your colleagues for two reasons. The complaints sound like body odor, everyone avoids it, no one is obligated to be your emotional trash can;The office is not where you look for a psychologist. Some people think that exchanging things with each other is a guarantee for the two to form an alliance, but what if one day is no longer a friend?

The secret of the past can be the handle of the other party.

  Therefore, no matter how good you are with your boss or how deep your heart is, don’t advertise in the company.

If you are in good condition, work seriously, and make beautiful achievements, you must not hope that the results of your efforts are attributed to the ‘special relationship’ with your boss!

In case you have misunderstandings or frictions with your boss, you will be aware of it. It is difficult to prevent it from becoming a topic of use or a substitute for hype, but it is not good for you.

  Gossip can be heard more, but not more, it is best not to enter.所谓‘祸从口出’,口水是名符其实的‘祸水’,不管是泄露自己的私事,或转述听来的是非,都可能让自己陷入言多必失的危险,更要不得的是以成为The Gossip Center is proud of it, and it is not known to be aware of the use of the gossip.

Rain and water saving, guard against moisture and evil

Rain and water saving, guard against moisture and evil

Tomorrow is the second solar term in the twenty-four solar terms of the year – rain.

  Rainwater is a season that reflects changes in rainfall, indicating both the beginning of rainfall and the beginning of an increase in rainfall.

With the arrival of the rainy solar terms, the weather will gradually warm up and the temperature will increase.

Snowflakes are flying, and the cold weather is slowly moving away, and the days of drizzle and rain are getting closer.

  When the rain is wet, it is not hot, it is a good time to maintain health.

  Chinese medicine believes that rainwater is good at preventing dampness.

After the rain and thrifty, the increase in rainfall is improved, the air is particularly short, and the cold and dampness is most likely to trap the spleen. At the same time, the dampness remains, it is difficult to eliminate, and it is easy to cause damage to the function of the spleen and stomach.

Therefore, attention should be paid to the spleen and stomach before and after rain, and the spleen and stomach are the basis for people’s health and longevity.

  There are many foods for regulating liver and spleen in spring, such as oatmeal, pumpkin, chrysanthemum, green beans, chestnut, red dates, and yam.

  Among these foods, it is recommended to recommend Artemisia scoparia (commonly known as basil), which is both seasonal vegetables and spleen. However, in ancient times, Artemisia argyi was a treasure in the palace ruins, so it was also called “Emperor dish”. Today, it has becomeFrequent guests on the table of the people.

Chinese medicine said that the taste of Artemisia scoparia is sweet, sweet, food can warm the spleen appetite, nourish the heart and calm the nerves, reduce blood pressure, apply to the spleen and stomach weakness, cough, urinary adverse, abdominal pain and other symptoms.

Therefore, the rain and thrifty to regulate the spleen and stomach does not hinder eating more sage, which can make a good health care.

  There is a saying that the common people are very familiar with it, called “Spring and Autumn.”

The spring is steep and the moisture is generally “cold”. Especially in the early spring, it will cause a sudden drop in high temperature. Therefore, you must keep warm before and after rain. Do not get cold.

It should be noted that “Spring Clam” is also very particular. The most important thing is to lick your legs and feet. Many people are used to reducing the number of trousers when they are reduced. In fact, the blood circulation of the lower body is poor, and it is easy to be affected by the cold.Especially the elderly and children with weak resistance, suffering from cold after the lungs, easy to cause colds, high blood pressure, old slow-moving diseases, etc., so pay special attention.

  Finally, recommend a simmered porridge.

The famous medical scientist of the Tang Dynasty, Sun Sizhen, proposed in the “Qian Jin Fang” that “the spring should eat porridge”, and the folks also have the expression of “spring porridge, better than tonic.”

祛 极 极 粥 非 非 非 非 非 非 非 非 非 莫 莫 莫 莫 莫 莫 莫 莫 极 极 极 极 极 极 极 极 极 极 极 极 极 极 极 极 极 极 极 极 极 极 极 极 极 极 极 极 极 极 极 极The previous rice 200 grams was washed clean, then the three were placed in the pot and 1000 ml of water was added.

First boil, simmer the foam after the pot is opened, and then slowly simmer for about half an hour with a small fire. After the porridge is cooked, you can add rock sugar to your taste.

The wolf was eaten by the sheep

The wolf was eaten by the sheep

On the top of the mountain, the wolf ate a sheep, which was just seen by the fox. It shouted and shouted.

It was supposed to be shouted: “The sheep was eaten by the wolf!

“But there was a slip of the tongue and shouted: “The wolf was eaten by the sheep!”

“The wind blew the words of the fox all over the forest.”

  The flock heard the shouting and the spirit rose.

At the same time, he said: “I don’t know which compatriots gave us a mad breath and vie for light. It seems that the wolf is not terrible!

What are we waiting for?

Rush up and find the wolf to calculate the general ledger!

The sheep swarmed into the wolf.

  At the same time, the wolves also heard the screams of the foxes, just as they were ignorant of the six gods, a large number of red-eyed sheep rushed to the wolves.

The wolves panicked and ran away.

  The strange game in the mountains soon ended, and the sheep and wolves later learned the truth.

Each talked about his own feelings.

  The sheep said: “The news of victory may motivate the fighting spirit, and even this news is not correct.

Otherwise, how can we launch an attack and win the wolf?

“The wolf said: “We are too convinced of our ears. Otherwise, how can we suffer such a shame?

Autumn God supplement is the best for climbing flowers

Autumn “God supplement” is the best for climbing flowers

There are many factors that affect people’s spirit. One of them is the change of the season. For example, the autumn wind is bleak, and the fall is colorful. It is the easiest to make people feel touched and sorrowful.
The ancients believed that “sorrowful lungs.”
Therefore, in the fall, if you want to keep yourself from worrying and not hurting your lungs, you should give yourself a “God supplement.”
  There are many ways to make up the gods, and there are roughly the following two types in line with the fall of the gods.
  Appreciation of flowers It can be said that there are no people in the world who do not love flowers. Flowers can be used to give a bouquet of flowers to others and express their love.
There is a saying: give a rose, the hand has a fragrance.
Whether it is a flower lover or a flower, everyone is happy together.
Generally speaking, autumn flowers are less than spring flowers.
However, the flowers of autumn have their own characteristics.
For example, sweet-scented osmanthus, its fragrance is unique, so that there is a “Wu Gang holding out the sweet-scented osmanthus wine”.
The sweet-scented osmanthus in the Mid-Autumn Festival, the fragrance is ten miles away, it is refreshing and refreshing, bringing people into a magical world, making people think!
Osmanthus fragrans, osmanthus tea, sweet-scented osmanthus sugar, etc. made from osmanthus are the best foods and beverages.
Whenever the autumn season is high, we walk in the jungle of Guilin, which gives people a feeling of fluttering.
  Although the chrysanthemum is not as delicate as the sweet-scented osmanthus, the variety of chrysanthemums is beautiful, the color of the flowers is beautiful, and the flowering period is particularly long. For this reason, many cities hold the “Chrysanthemum Exhibition” in the autumn, and gather a variety of chrysanthemums in a certain scenic area to let peopleenjoy to the full.
When I went to visit the Chrysanthemum Exhibition, there were three-year-old children and 90-year-olds. Looking at the colorful chrysanthemums and sniffing the intoxicating fragrance, people couldn’t help but think of the beauty of Tao Yuanming’s “Let’s see the South Mountain”.The poems can not help people feel happy, throwing the troubles of the week into the clouds.
  Ascending China’s ancients like to hold “elevation activities” during the Double Ninth Festival.
The earliest ascend, with the superstitious color of “respecting the gods”, after the Jin Dynasty, ascending to become a folk fitness activity, “Chongyang” and “longevity” marriage.
Therefore, China has named the “Chongyang Festival” as the “Old Man’s Day”.
Ascending to go is actually “climbing.”
The ancients said: “To be a thousand miles, go one step further.
“When you stand tall, you can see far, and ascending will give people an open-minded, imposing pride.
We stand at the top of the mountain, breathing fresh air, overlooking the distant city near the sky, the colorful mountains and rivers, and immediately let people have a “small mountain” sigh!
Ascending can not only exercise our muscles and joints, improve the function of the internal organs, enhance the endurance of the human body, but also temporarily away from the bustling city and enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature, so that people can forget the hearts of the intense work.Worry, there is a chance to relax, to adjust your nerves, to eliminate mental fatigue and mental anxiety, to make life full, so that you can energetically re-enter the next round of intense work.