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[How long does the sturgeon soup last?]_ Sturgeon soup _ nutrition practice _ how to make

[How long does the sturgeon soup last?]_ Sturgeon soup _ nutrition practice _ how to make

Due to the high nutritional value of catfish soup, many people will make catfish soup at home to supplement their body. In the process of making catfish soup, we can also add some vegetables, which have higher vitamin content, and the fish soup does not taste goodYou will feel greasy. There are many patients with stomach problems. Drinking some bonito soup often can also play a role in nourishing the stomach. How long is the bonito soup most nutritious?

The carp is delicate and nutritious, suitable for many people.

The nutritional value of boiled bonito soup in life is relatively high, but if you want to taste better, you must master the best time to boil. Generally, it will simmer for 20-30 minutes on low fire after cooking.

First, how long is the sturgeon soup stew suitable? Let’s learn how to make some sturgeon soup and how to make a delicious soup.

First marinate the processed fish, stir the onions, ginger, garlic and other seasonings with the cooking wine and stir the fish evenly. This is to remove the fishy smell, and the other is to increase the taste and ensure the taste of the fish soup.

Let it marinate for about 10 minutes. After marinating, set aside.

Put the right amount of oil in the pan, heat it up and add the ginger to the fragrant, then fry the fish in the pan.

Don’t flip it randomly, just fry both sides of the fish with golden brown.

Then pour in an appropriate amount of water and simmer over low heat.

After the water is boiled, put in various seasonings such as salt, or you can choose to put in some tofu, which will be more delicious and the nutritional value is not low.

If you want to drink more delicious fish soup, just put salt.

Then continue to simmer for 15 minutes on low heat, do not cook for too long, it will affect the taste.

While cooking, the soup may become less. You need to add a little water after a while to prevent the fish soup from drying out.

After cooking, the delicious and nutritious fish soup is finished. The fish soup with wolfberry is very delicious because the protein in the fish soup is rich in protein and suitable for pregnant women and other people with low blood pressure.

It’s not difficult to make a delicious catfish soup at home. The method described above is very simple.

Second, the nutritional effect of catfish soup The meat of catfish is very delicate, and its meat is sweet and has very high nutritional value.

Eating catfish can tonic, warm the stomach, and also tonify qi, and it has magical effects on lactation.

Anchovy can strengthen the spleen and dampness, so it is a very good nutritious product for those with weak spleen and stomach and those who have symptoms of edema. No matter what you do, anchovy can not cover its nutritional content, and it is delicious and very suitable for makingThe broth, no matter what the catfish soup is, its soup taste is very delicious, and it can effectively treat many diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and bronchitis.

[Men also have to coax!

Must Learn 6 Love Words That Make You Hesitant]_Male

[Men also have to coax!
Must Learn 6 Love Words That Make You Hesitant]_Male

How can a woman in love please her boyfriend?

Men are going to coax, teach you six love words, let the man feel at ease.

One you know everything!

(Voiceover: You’re so smart and capable; you can do anything) Whether or not there is real material, men have more or less chivalry, and they like to unintentionally exhibit “knowledge” in front of women, and women alsoThe men at home are both computer experts, plumbers, and trans-electrician repairs. At this time, the men who are so sweaty in their eyes also have other sexy charms.

In fact, many words of praise are nonsense. Who doesn’t know how much they weigh? But often such nonsense can become a stimulant for men. This kind of praise is a motivation and recognition. No man does not like it.

Men feel stable and rational.

However, men like to hear compliments from others because they like to be admired.

They like to be boasted of being smart and to protect others.

Let’s take a look at six love words that men love to hear from women.

Women in love need to learn.


[Schisandra ischemia]_Schisandra _harm_bad

[Schisandra ischemia]_Schisandra _harm_bad

Schisandra is a very good traditional Chinese medicine, and it is a very important member of the traditional Chinese medicine family. It is often used to treat a variety of diseases, but experts say that some traditional Chinese medicines are also substitutes. If the food is improperly placed, it may cause various diseases.Anisotropy.

First, the side effects of Schisandra (1) Alternative: Oral crude 13?
More than 18g may have snoring, acid reflux, burning stomach sensation, intestinal wheezing, drowsiness, etc., and occasional allergic reactions.

(2) The poisoning reaction manifests as: fever, headache, fatigue, dry mouth, ambiguity, nausea, rejection and vomiting, urticaria, etc.

Oral Schisandra ether extract is equivalent to oral crude 13?
More than 18g may have snoring, acid regurgitation, burning sensation in the stomach, intestines, drowsiness, etc.

The poisoning reaction manifests as: fever, headache, fatigue, dry mouth, ambiguity, nausea, vomiting, urticaria, etc.

Second, the adverse reaction mechanism: Schisandra has a small poison that can stimulate the respiratory center and increase the breathing frequency and amplitude.

And has an effect of increasing gastric acid and lowering blood pressure.

Third, the adverse reactions of Schisandra: (1) Oral crude 13?
More than 18g may have snoring, acid reflux, burning stomach sensation, intestinal wheezing, drowsiness, etc., and occasional allergic reactions.

(2) The poisoning reaction manifests as: fever, headache, fatigue, dry mouth, ambiguity, nausea, rejection and vomiting, urticaria, etc.

(3) Schisandra has a small poison, which can stimulate the respiratory center and increase the breathing frequency and amplitude.

And it has the effect of increasing stomach acid and antihypertensive effect. 4. Consumption taboo of Schisandra chinensis: Schisandra chinensis, Chinese wolfberry, red dates, and ginseng.

But medicine is always medicine. When you are in good health, you don’t need to take it, and you can’t take it if you have a cold.

Five or five Schisandra taboos are not suitable for all people except those who can not take a large amount of long-term in daily use.

For example, patients with wind chills and rash should not take it.

The specific requirements are as follows: 1. If it is in the early stage of cough and the initial stage of rash, it is best not to take Schisandra chinensis to avoid exacerbation.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that patients with damp and hot inside and external evils should not take Schisandra.

2. There is a record in the middle of Materia Medica. It is best not to take Schisandra in the early stages of infection with wind chills. This can effectively prevent wind chills from binding in the body and not dissipating.

3. It is best not to take Schisandra chinensis patients, and patients who have swallowed a lot of acidic substances should not take it to avoid harming the function of the body.

4. Patients with strong liver qi and solid lungs should also not take it. At this time, except using Huang Cen to prevent the effect of heat release, all other drugs must not be touched.

[Taboos to eat tuna]_ 相 克 _ pay attention to what

[Taboos to eat tuna]_ 相 克 _ pay attention to what

Tuna is a very common type of deep-sea fish. Its meat is delicate and its nutritional value is very high. You should know some taboos when eating tuna. In general, if you have some chronic nasal diseases, such as diabetes or liver disease, it is best not toEat tuna. In addition, when eating tuna, you must also pay attention not to replace it to avoid the situation of excessive mercury content. Let us briefly understand the taboos of eating tuna.

Taboo pregnant women who eat tuna, diabetes, liver cirrhosis patients should not eat.

Most people can eat it.

Suitable for patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, children’s growth and development of bone health have a certain role.

Especially chronic diseases, hyperlipidemia, weak constitution, menopausal women.

Tuna is a carnivorous fish with a high degree of enrichment and pollution, and its mercury content often exceeds the standard.

It is recommended to eat every two weeks.

Tuna sandwich ingredients: 420 grams of high-gluten flour, 100 grams of low-gluten flour, 100 grams of canned tuna, 2 eggs, 1 slice of cheese, 250 grams of milk, 1 slice of lettuce, appropriate amount of blueberries, 30 grams of dough, 8 grams of yeast powder,50 grams of sugar, 3 grams of salt, 100 grams of water, appropriate amount of salad juice: 1. Put all ingredients except peanuts into the bread machine gradually according to eggs, milk, and water, then put salt and sugar in the two corners, and thenAdd flour, add yeast powder, turn on the bread machine to knead the dough until smooth, then add flour.

Ferment the dough to twice the size, about 1 hour or so. Use your fingers to dip dry flour to make a hole in the dough. The surrounding surface does not rebound and does not shrink. It is better.

2. Put the fermented dough on the chopping board and knead the air out of the dough. You can use a rolling pin to roll out the air. After the air is thoroughly exhausted, divide the dough evenly into 6 portions. Round it and let it stand for about 15 minutes.

3. Then roll the dough into dough sheets and roll them up in order to make the rolled dough size, width, thickness and thickness uniform. Put the rolled dough into the toast box, and the gap between the dough should be as uniform as possible.

4. After 40 minutes of secondary fermentation, bake at 190 degrees for 40 minutes.

5. Cut off the edge of the toast and divide it into two pieces evenly. Crush the canned tuna with a spoon and spread it on a piece of toast. After laying the tuna, place the washed lettuce leaves and squeeze sesame seeds onto the lettuce leavesSalad juice.

6. Cover the other piece of toast.

[Official Self-Test]_How to self-test _How to self-test

[Official Self-Test]_How to self-test _How to self-test

Many people are very afraid of HIV, especially if they have had high-risk sexual behaviors, or their private lives are often chaotic. These people are all at high risk of HIV.

When you suspect that you have cancer, it is best to go to the hospital for a test in time. Of course, for some reason, if you do not want to go to the hospital, you should use the AIDS test strip to test in time. The accuracy of the test strip is also relatively high.

1. First of all, you need to see if you have the following high-risk behaviors, sexual life is more complicated, gay men, using drugs or mixing syringes with others, have been infected with cancer needles or blood products, and the mother is an AIDS patient.

2. If you have high-risk behavior, if you have two or more of the following situations, you need to be highly alert. Recently, your weight has plummeted by more than 10%, chronic diarrhea or cough has lasted for more than one month, and you have sustained or intermittent fever for more than one month., Lymphadenopathy may be palpable throughout the body, repeated herpes zoster or chronic disseminated herpes simplex infection, and candidiasis in the oropharynx.

3. Blood tests were performed for routine examinations, and there were varying degrees of anemia. At the same time, a decrease in white blood cell count indicated a viral infection.

Urinary protein is routinely seen.

4, go to the hospital for HIV-1 antibody detection, ELISA test results are positive for two consecutive times, and then WB method to confirm the diagnosis.

5. If human immunodeficiency virus can be isolated from blood, abnormal nuclear cells and cerebrospinal fluid, it can be used as a judgment for HIV infection.

Official test strip test method 1.

Wash your hands with medical alcohol or household hand sanitizer.


Use the provided medical disposable non-toxic lancet to prick at your fingertips.


Use the equipped pipette to suck 2-3 drops of fingertip blood from the spot where the finger was just pierced, and add it to the sample hole s of the test strip.


If the blood can’t penetrate the friend of the test window smoothly, you can add the original replacement solution (ie buffer solution) we provided to you after the blood is added to replace the blood to allow the test to complete successfully (no more than two drops).


Read the results 15 minutes after adding the sample, one line is negative and two lines are positive; the results after 20 minutes are invalid.

[How to make dessert taro]_How to make_How to make

[How to make dessert taro]_How to make_How to make

Taro puree is a dessert made from taro.

There are many types of taro puree, such as Taiji taro puree, Babao taro puree, and Ginkgo taro puree.

Different types of taro puree need to be made by different methods, and different raw materials need to be added during the production process.

However, no matter how to do it, it does not prevent the taste and soft nutrition of taro mud.

In the following, we will not introduce the above-mentioned methods of taro in detail.

First, the main ingredients of Taiji taro mud: betel nut taro 1000 grams.

Ingredients: 100 grams of red dates, 15 grams of cherries, 15 grams of melon seeds, 50 grams of sugar melon sticks.

Seasoning: 35 grams of sugar, 250 grams of cooked lard.

Production steps: 1. Peel the betel nuts and taro, cut into 4 pieces each, put them in a pot, add 150 g of water, steam them for one hour in the basket, put them on a curved plate, press them into a velvet shape with a knife, and pick them.Thick tendons.

Jujube peeled, pitted, chopped and added in two portions.

Winter melon strips are cut into rice grains.

2. Put 50 grams of red dates in a bowl, add 50 grams of white sugar, steam in a basket drawer for 5 minutes on medium heat and remove.

3. Put the wok on a low heat and heat 25 g of lard. Stir the steamed red dates into a paste and pour on the taro paste. Then use the seeds and cherries to decorate the taro paste on the taro paste.Ready to serve.

Tips: You can also use red and green cherries for the finishing touch of Taiji.

2. Babao taro puree material: 500 grams of taro, 100 grams of red bean paste, candied fruits for decoration (sugar lotus seeds, red and green silk, raisins, green plums, etc.).

Seasoning: 1, two spoons of sugar, two spoons of salad oil; 2, three spoons of sugar, one cup of hot water; 3. dry starch, half a spoon of water.

Measures: 1. Peel and slice the taro. After washing, wrap it in a microwave film (do not drip dry), and heat it for 8 minutes at high heat until the chopsticks can penetrate. After taking out, press the knife back into a mud, and add seasoning sugar.Salad oil and mix well.

2. Take a medium bowl, put a layer of salad oil on it, then arrange the candied fruits into a circle, fill half of the taro puree, place the red bean paste in the center, and fill the flat with the remaining taro puree.Cover with a microwave film and heat on high heat for 3 minutes. Remove the buckle on the plate.

3. Put the seasoning sugar and hot water into the container and heat it on high heat.

5 minutes, add seasoning dry starch, mix well with water, continue heating for 20 seconds to take out, and pour on the taro puree while hot.

4, according to each person’s taste, appropriately add some bean paste in taro paste, the flavor is better.

After serving, sprinkle the taro puree with meat, jujube, sweet-scented osmanthus, peanut kernels, longan, candied dates, green and red silk, and other ingredients, you can, beautiful and eye-catching.

Babao Taro mud thistle gets its name.

The local Fuding taro chips are excellent and rich in resources, and folks can generally make this dessert by themselves.

Third, the raw materials of gingko taro: gingko (two or two), betel taro (about 1.

5 pounds), spring onion (three trees), rock sugar (six or two), water (two cups) Production method: 1, ginkgo husk, remove clothes, wash, add rock sugar, slow water and cook to a cup, take ginkgo, sugar waterReserved.

2, peel and wash betel nut taro, cut into large pieces, steamed and simmered in water, and pressed into taro while hot.

3. Heat the scallion, add 4 tablespoons of oil and scallion, discard, add taro, add syrup little, fry until the taro is soft and smooth, and serve with ginkgo.Serve hot.

[The practice of Chuan Chuan Xiang pot bottom]_ The common practice of Chuan Chuan Xiang pot bottom

[The practice of Chuan Chuan Xiang pot bottom]_ The common practice of Chuan Chuan Xiang pot bottom

When we have health, we must learn to cherish it. An appropriate daily diet is an important aspect of maintaining health. We should realize that many home-cooked dishes are healthy and delicious, and people can choose to eat them.It can be done quickly by taking the earliest time.

1. Prepare the ingredients in the picture.

Watercress sauce, coriander juice, rock sugar, bean drum, ginger, garlic, pepper, dried pepper, allspice, green onion.

2. Put oil in the pot to heat, add peppercorn and dried chili to make incense.

3. Pour in a bowl and set aside.

4, prepare lard and butter.

5. Add butter and lard to the clean pot and mix well.

6. Boil to 50% heat, add water to the bean paste and simmer until red.

7, add ginger, garlic, green onions and incense.

8. Add fresh soup (clear water) and boil.

9, after boiling, add tempeh, simmered rice juice, salt, rock sugar until taste.

10. Add five spices, pour all fried peppercorns and dried chili peppers into the soup, and cook over low heat to bring out the spicy flavor.

11, pour into a small hot pot and boil, you can put the vegetables.

This is a recipe that every housewife must know. Do you know the practice of stringing the bottom of the incense pot?

You can also consult the Internet for other healthy recipes to be an all-around and excellent housewife.

[How to make egg fungus]_ making method _ practice Daquan

[How to make egg fungus]_ making method _ practice Daquan

The ingredients of egg bacteria are believed to be relatively rare in many people’s lives, mainly because this powder is grown in a remote area and it is difficult to pick, and the market sells egg bacteria less, so there are fewer friends who eat egg bacteria.

However, for the delicious ingredients such as egg fungus, if you want to make it, you can use it to stir-fry lean meat or cook soup. The food produced is very sweet.

Egg fungus is a treasure of fungi. It has a delicious taste and an egg fragrance.

The egg fungus is thick and plump, with fine white silk, and tastes sweet and crisp.

Contains amino acids, proteins, trace amounts necessary for the human body, and various vitamins and calcium, phosphorus, riboflavin and other substances.

There are many ways to eat egg fungus, which can be used as a single ingredient, and can be paired with vegetables, fish, and various mountain and sea foods. It can be fried, fried, deep-fried, pickled, fried, mixed, braised, grilled, braised, steamed, or soup.The taste is very fresh. After the egg fungus is boiled into a soup, there is nothing better than that sweetness, even the real chicken soup.

The ancient Zhao Yi once said that the egg fungus: “No bone is skin, but no blood is meat, fresh in the broth of quince, and loquat in the broth of broccoli”.

Egg fungus is a valuable edible fungus that is praised by ancient and modern Chinese and foreign countries. It has beneficial effects, refreshing, and healing hemorrhoids.

According to the “Compendium of Materia Medica”, egg bacteria also have the effect of “benefiting the stomach, refreshing the mind, and treating hemorrhoids.”

Modern medical research proves that egg bacteria can enhance human immune function, prevent bowel cancer, nourish blood, moisturize, and strengthen the spleen and stomach.

It is suitable for loss of appetite, exhaustion, bleeding under hemorrhoids, etc.

And it is rich in nutrition and has a very good nourishing effect on the human body.

It is a delicacy, a delicacy for the elderly and the elderly. The egg fungus has the function of nourishing and moisturizing and is also suitable for women.

In fact, it has the effect of improving the body’s immunity, inhibiting cellulose, and contains effective ingredients for treating diabetes, which has a significant effect on lowering blood sugar.

The name of the egg fungus is “chicken fir” (it should be next to the Chinese character), also called chicken fir roast, chicken mushroom, chicken gizzard, chicken, chicken mushroom, umbrella mushroom, chicken fir mushroom, agaricus, and ant fir, Umbrella mushroom, etc., there are many ways of writing: Agaricus velutipes, Agaricus velutipes, chicken brown, chicken brown fungus, Matsutake mushroom (Zunyi), three mushrooms (South Sichuan) and so on.

Also known as Umbellaria mushroom (Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan), Aconite mushroom (Northeast Sichuan), Chicken Mushroom (Taiwan, Fujian), Bean-chicken Mushroom, Termite Puppet, Termite Umbrella, Yellow Chicken Fong (Fujian, Guangdong), GuangdongThe northern area is also called the summer solstice mushroom or the summer solstice fungus, and is commonly called the santang fungus in Panzhihua.

Egg fungi can only grow in special regions, special environments, and special seasons. Most people do n’t have that mouth and eyesight, so they are quite unfamiliar, but once eaten once, they are unforgettable for life.

200 grams of three-fed chicken mushrooms, 30 grams each of green and red peppers.

4 grams of salt, 3 grams of MSG, 30 grams of refined oil, ginger and garlic flakes.

Bright color and light taste.

Method 1: Pick and clean the chicken agaric, cut into shreds with green and red peppers and set aside.

2, put water in the pot to boil, add some salt, oil, pour into the chicken?

Bacteria fly in the water and remove to drain.

3, set the wok on a hot fire, add refined oil to heat; add ginger, garlic slices and stir-fry, pour in the raw materials, add salt, and MSG will stir fry for a while to get out of the pan.

Chicken fir oil Chicken fir oil is a very famous dish in Yunnan, Guizhou and other plateau areas. Is it fresh chicken?

After the bacteria are cleaned, the hands are torn into small strips, and then peppercorns and dried peppers are fried in the oil in the cauldron. Chicken?

The water in it is squeezed out and it’s finished. Chicken?

The oil can also be used as a seasoning. The taste is dry and chewy. Even the oil inside has a strange fragrance.

[There is some kind of Huang Jing]_Type_Classification

[There is some kind of Huang Jing]_Type_Classification

Polygonatum is actually a rhizome part of a lily plant. A large number of Polygonatum is planted in the southern part of the south, but it is only because of the special climate and environment in Hunan that the local Polygonatum is the best.

Depending on the geographical environment of each area, the shape and type of the huangjing planted are different.

This also makes many people very puzzled. How many varieties of Chinese medicinal herbs can there be?

Huang Jing has some kind of Huang Jing, also called Wang Jing.

Sweet yellow essence.

Polygonatum sibiricum is a flower of Polygonatum spp.

Dried rhizomes of Polygonatum or Dahlia.

In terms of product management, it is divided into three types because of its appearance and shape characteristics.

Ginger-shaped Polygonatum; 2.

Chicken head Polygonatum; 3.

Butterfly Polygonatum.

[Origin]Ginger-shaped Polygonatum (multi-flower Polygonatum) is produced in Guangdong.






Jiangxi and other places.

Take Guizhou.


Hunan has a large output and good quality.

Chicken head Huangjing (Huangjing) is produced in Hebei.

Inner Mongolia.




Shandong and other places.

Butterfly Polygonatum (Dianhuangjingjing) is produced in Yunnan.


Efficacy and role of Huang Jing1.

Delaying aging According to the “Compendium of Materia Medica”, Polygonatum can promote cell metabolism and skin tissue regeneration, and can keep the skin smooth and tender, which is the ageless technique that ancient people have been pursuing.

Consumption of Polygonatum spp. Has good anti-aging effect on girls who are beautiful and afraid of old age.


Nourishing Qi and Spleen Huangjing targets a large number of nutrients, especially its nourishing effect.

Modern life is getting more and more advanced, people often overdraw their health, work overnight, and more than half of the residents have symptoms of less energy, sleepiness, weakness, dry mouth, and loss of appetite.To develop a good blending effect, it is the best product for qi and spleen.


A variety of active factors for lowering blood pressure and lowering blood pressure can improve the effectiveness of promoting blood circulation, and also clear the aunts and plasma deposits deposited on the blood vessel wall. It has a good adjuvant treatment effect on patients with hypertension, hyperglycemia and hyperlipidemia., And the elderly over a certain age, regular consumption of Polygonatum can effectively prevent cardiovascular disease and atherosclerosis.Polygonatum sibiricum has a particularly low sugar content, and it also has a stimulating replication and secretion, which promotes the use of blood glucose and the conversion of blood sugar into non-sugar substances by cells and tissues.

[Wine to drink Japanese food]_How to choose wine_How to choose wine

[Wine to drink Japanese food]_How to choose wine_How to choose wine

Japanese food is also Japanese food. It is also a well-known snack. When you eat Japanese food, you usually pair it with Japanese sake. Some seafood is common in Japanese food. You should also pay attention to Japanese food when you eat Japanese food.Matters. To understand some etiquette issues, this can also show a person’s cultivation and personal qualities. Let’s take a look at this aspect.

What wine to drink when eating Japanese food is usually presented with pure rice sake, but because of the sense of season, seasonal fruit wines such as strawberry wine in March; cherry wine in May;September wine; November grapefruit, etc. These fruit wines are made by mixing fruit juice and sake.

Notes on eating Japanese food: 1. Go to a Japanese restaurant to eat. When taking off your shoes at the entrance of the box, you should face the box (you can squat off), and you cannot take off with your back to the box.

Take off your shoes and turn your head inwards; usually guests enter the table first. If the host invites you first, please accept them happily and thank them.

2. Don’t use your face to eat near the bowl. Instead, lift the bowl. After picking up the bowl, you can’t put your lips on the side of the bowl.

When not using chopsticks, place the chopsticks in front of you, with the tip of the chopsticks to the left.

3. When you want to add rice, don’t eat the whole rice, leave a little bit and then add the rice. If you are invited by others, it is best to eat all the food to show that it is very delicious.

4. When eating sushi, it is best to take one bite to avoid destroying the beautiful appearance of the sushi.

5, if you want to dip the mustard, you can first dig some wasabi into a soy sauce dish, and stir well with the soy sauce.

You can also dip the wasabi on the sashimi and dip the sashimi in soy sauce.