Rain and water saving, guard against moisture and evil

Rain and water saving, guard against moisture and evil

Rain and water saving, guard against moisture and evil

Tomorrow is the second solar term in the twenty-four solar terms of the year – rain.

  Rainwater is a season that reflects changes in rainfall, indicating both the beginning of rainfall and the beginning of an increase in rainfall.

With the arrival of the rainy solar terms, the weather will gradually warm up and the temperature will increase.

Snowflakes are flying, and the cold weather is slowly moving away, and the days of drizzle and rain are getting closer.

  When the rain is wet, it is not hot, it is a good time to maintain health.

  Chinese medicine believes that rainwater is good at preventing dampness.

After the rain and thrifty, the increase in rainfall is improved, the air is particularly short, and the cold and dampness is most likely to trap the spleen. At the same time, the dampness remains, it is difficult to eliminate, and it is easy to cause damage to the function of the spleen and stomach.

Therefore, attention should be paid to the spleen and stomach before and after rain, and the spleen and stomach are the basis for people’s health and longevity.

  There are many foods for regulating liver and spleen in spring, such as oatmeal, pumpkin, chrysanthemum, green beans, chestnut, red dates, and yam.

  Among these foods, it is recommended to recommend Artemisia scoparia (commonly known as basil), which is both seasonal vegetables and spleen. However, in ancient times, Artemisia argyi was a treasure in the palace ruins, so it was also called “Emperor dish”. Today, it has becomeFrequent guests on the table of the people.

Chinese medicine said that the taste of Artemisia scoparia is sweet, sweet, food can warm the spleen appetite, nourish the heart and calm the nerves, reduce blood pressure, apply to the spleen and stomach weakness, cough, urinary adverse, abdominal pain and other symptoms.

Therefore, the rain and thrifty to regulate the spleen and stomach does not hinder eating more sage, which can make a good health care.

  There is a saying that the common people are very familiar with it, called “Spring and Autumn.”

The spring is steep and the moisture is generally “cold”. Especially in the early spring, it will cause a sudden drop in high temperature. Therefore, you must keep warm before and after rain. Do not get cold.

It should be noted that “Spring Clam” is also very particular. The most important thing is to lick your legs and feet. Many people are used to reducing the number of trousers when they are reduced. In fact, the blood circulation of the lower body is poor, and it is easy to be affected by the cold.Especially the elderly and children with weak resistance, suffering from cold after the lungs, easy to cause colds, high blood pressure, old slow-moving diseases, etc., so pay special attention.

  Finally, recommend a simmered porridge.

The famous medical scientist of the Tang Dynasty, Sun Sizhen, proposed in the “Qian Jin Fang” that “the spring should eat porridge”, and the folks also have the expression of “spring porridge, better than tonic.”

祛 极 极 粥 非 非 非 非 非 非 非 非 非 莫 莫 莫 莫 莫 莫 莫 莫 极 极 极 极 极 极 极 极 极 极 极 极 极 极 极 极 极 极 极 极 极 极 极 极 极 极 极 极 极 极 极 极The previous rice 200 grams was washed clean, then the three were placed in the pot and 1000 ml of water was added.

First boil, simmer the foam after the pot is opened, and then slowly simmer for about half an hour with a small fire. After the porridge is cooked, you can add rock sugar to your taste.