The wolf was eaten by the sheep

The wolf was eaten by the sheep

The wolf was eaten by the sheep

On the top of the mountain, the wolf ate a sheep, which was just seen by the fox. It shouted and shouted.

It was supposed to be shouted: “The sheep was eaten by the wolf!

“But there was a slip of the tongue and shouted: “The wolf was eaten by the sheep!”

“The wind blew the words of the fox all over the forest.”

  The flock heard the shouting and the spirit rose.

At the same time, he said: “I don’t know which compatriots gave us a mad breath and vie for light. It seems that the wolf is not terrible!

What are we waiting for?

Rush up and find the wolf to calculate the general ledger!

The sheep swarmed into the wolf.

  At the same time, the wolves also heard the screams of the foxes, just as they were ignorant of the six gods, a large number of red-eyed sheep rushed to the wolves.

The wolves panicked and ran away.

  The strange game in the mountains soon ended, and the sheep and wolves later learned the truth.

Each talked about his own feelings.

  The sheep said: “The news of victory may motivate the fighting spirit, and even this news is not correct.

Otherwise, how can we launch an attack and win the wolf?

“The wolf said: “We are too convinced of our ears. Otherwise, how can we suffer such a shame?