For women to enjoy sex, the rhythm should be slow

For women to enjoy sex, the rhythm should be slow

For women to enjoy sex, the rhythm should be “slow”

Basically, men in China always have premature ejaculation, and they are shot in the female wife’s body.
  A man may be comfortable orgasm, but a woman just has the feeling that she has gone on like this, and she has not brought much color to her sexual life.
  Do you think that affects emotions for a long time?
  Chinese men are premature ejaculation!
  The requirements of men and women for speed are different as if God made mistakes when they made people.
  A man can reach a climax in three or four minutes or even a minute or two, and a woman’s time in the play varies by 15 minutes to half an hour.
  Such a sharp scissors is destined to be a natural law.
  I hate to watch A film with my husband. Husband is stimulated and excited, and naturally solves problems more quickly than usual.
  ”So fast, I haven’t reacted.”
Afterwards, he woke up and slept, but I really thought that I couldn’t sleep for a long time.
“Which woman has not tasted the taste of being thrown up and thrown in the air?”
  Trace the root cause of the error
“You are always in a hurry, like standing in the office and opening a department meeting.”
Don’t complain like a blame, every man is afraid of a woman complaining about her dissatisfaction with her sexual life.
  Not to endlessly emphasize with him that you need more time to have a thrill, which will make him think that “slow” is to bend you, is a sacrifice and sacrifice.
  In fact, the “slow” brings the same pleasure to both parties, why not slow down.

“Controlling the rhythm of sex is a man’s business, and he has an obligation to satisfy me.
You can’t expect him to just stand in the middle of the road waiting for your climax to come?
  If you think like this, slow sex may be that he sings a one-man show alone, so he will get tired of it for a few times.
Men are sometimes stupid in bed and need a woman’s clear command.
  In fact, it is not difficult to make a man slower. Try to use his tenderness to impress him and lead him. The rhythm of making love is completely controlled by you.

“It’s too unfair, he can reach a climax every time, and I don’t have fun at all.
Don’t go too far with yourself. No woman can reach a climax every time. This is God’s arrangement.
  Even when you don’t reach the climax, you enjoy the joy of sex.
  Learn to be a slow woman. “I am too lazy to pay so much for sex. This is a man’s business.
“If you think so, I am sorry, I think you will never realize the art of “slow”.
  In SEX & the CITY, almost all women are self-reliant and independent.
  Lose the old concept of “the rhythm of sex is what he has the final say”, and be an autonomous slow woman in bed.
  Can you make him slower?
Can you talk about slowness during a walk or outing?
  The pace of walking each other is half a beat slower than usual, and even recalling those leisurely slow afternoons in childhood, do not have to hurry to pull the topic to the bed.
  Borrowing Milan Kundera’s statement in a novel, slowness is a kind of fun that is being lost, and there is a strange secret connection between slowness and memory, fast and forgetting.
  For example, when a person walks on the road, when he wants to recall something, he will unconsciously slow down. On the contrary, if he wants to forget what happened just now, he will gimmick and stride forward.
  Starting in such a metaphysical way, he will relax his vigilance.
  Ok, now he has begun to listen carefully to your words, and even has some kind of nostalgic resonance, you can slowly cut into the theme.
  Let Tifanny tell you how the “slow” art on the bed is made.  ”When I was in bed at night, I was fully armed and even wore socks.

After he took a bath, he came in in a red strip and looked at me instead.

  I stretched my foot and communicated with his chest through stockings.

Slowly, eyes are confused.

When he took off a sock for me, I avoided the other foot.

  ”Dear, slower.” The ritual of undressing can be slow enough to hear the other person’s breath, and the slow stripping ceremony is so interesting.

  All we need is patience, just keep talking to each other with every organ of the body.

  I admit that in such sex, I am the protagonist.

  I must constantly think of ways to communicate with him, caress him, kisses him, tells love, memories or delusions of love.

  I don’t want him to feel boring because of ‘slow’, and the fun is created by hand, especially when he is not necessarily used to such a rhythm.

  Later, I even bought a recording clock and put a good music every ten minutes.

The last part of the music is his favorite “Mystery Garden”. The soothing mysterious rhythm is the horn of the charge.” Wonderful Slow Love Three Steps 1.

Foreplay talks to him about slowness.

  Describe a wonderful slow-paced sex that you can experience together or hear.

  With a look of memories or yearnings, enough sensation, impress him.

  If you feel that this is too embarrassing to do so, you can write E-mail to him.

  Even during working hours, men will not refuse to see some colored letters, and they usually think that this is very sentimental.

  2.In the middle, you can think of various ways to slow down, such as: wearing more complicated underwear, playing a game of taking off underwear; agree with him, jointly challenge the time of making love, men like to play this game, know how much time they have.They are passionate about length and extension time.

  Kissing his body at the slowest rhythm you can bear, the progress of the facts will be slower than expected, because he will give back to you in a certain amount of time.

  Strictly controlled, don’t be soft.

If he wants to speed up, you can get out of bed and take a cup of milk to him or stop the action, singing a nursery rhyme in his ear.

Calm for a few seconds, he can be more durable.

  3.Slow love afterwards is really beautiful. Its biggest role is to let you remember it and often recollect it. For example, those unforgettable moments in love may support you to take care of you for the rest of your life.

  However, if you want to always maintain the heat of love, it is estimated to be a neuropathy.

  So don’t expect every time to be as slow as it is.

  The rhythm of the city itself has determined that we can’t keep every sex for two hours.

  All you have to do is not to let go of sex and the rhythm of the city forever, cut off, and plan a slow love when everyone is very relaxed.