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2014 AFC Champions League draws Evergrande vs. Western Sydney Zheng Zhi personally draw and sign _1

2014 AFC Champions League lottery Evergrande vs. Western Sydney Zheng Zhi personally won the lottery
According to the AFC lottery principle, the top 8 lottery ceremony will not establish a seed team, and there is no principle of avoidance with the same country, and opponents in the same group can also meet again.In other words, the AFC Champions League draw is entirely a random draw after the division of the East and West Asian teams. Guangzhou Hengda’s opponent may be any of Pohang Steelers, Seoul FC and Western Sydney Rangers.  The draw of the AFC Top 8 draw was hosted by Mr. Windsor John, the director of the AFC competition department, and Zheng Zhi, the captain of Guangzhou Evergrande, attended the draw.After the draw: the Western Asian region against: Saudi Al Hilal VS Qatar Al Sad, UAE Al Ain VS Saudi Etihad.  The match in East Asia is: South Korea’s Posco VS South Korea’s Seoul FC, Australia’s Western Sydney Rangers VS China’s Guangzhou Evergrande.  Since then, in the final home and away draw of the first and second place, the East Asian team will play against the West Asian team first.  According to the schedule, the two rounds of the AFC Champions League quarter-finals in West Asia will be held on August 19 and 26, and the two rounds of East Asia will be played on August 20 and 27.The two rounds of the West Asia semi-finals will be held on September 16 and September 30 respectively; the East Asian semi-finals are scheduled for September 17 and October 1.The two rounds of the 2014 AFC Champions League final were held on October 25 and November 1, respectively.

When CBA-20 fate came to an end, when can the Jiangsu team rise?

CBA-20 fate to the end when Jiangsu team can rise
From the first year of CBA in 1995 to the present, Jiangsu Men’s Basketball and Nangang Group have been a whole.But this summer, 20 years of fate came to an end, Jiangsu men’s basketball bid farewell to Nangang era.Yesterday, the reporter learned from insiders that Nangang Group has confirmed that it will sell 70% of the shares held by Nangang Club to Danyang flooring company Kendiya Group, with a transaction price of about 50 million yuan.Although the two parties have never formally signed a transfer agreement, some consensus has already been reached: the club’s home will be placed in Nanjing; there will be no major changes in the team’s team.Jiangsu Nangang Master changed Nangang Kendia only to sign the CBA first 20 years ago, 10 years ago, close to the championship with the championship.Nowadays, people are bullied.The 20 years of the Nangang Club are 20 years from hardship to glory to sigh.Before the CBA started last season, the club promised to return to the playoffs slogan, but in the end only played the second-worst regular season record.For this veteran powerhouse that supports glory, Nangang Group is increasingly unable to handle it.  About two months ago, rumors about Nangang Group’s intention to sell the club began to circulate in the circle.When asked by reporters about these rumors, the club’s top management has been vaguely resigning and is still in talks with some interested companies.At the time, Danyang’s flooring company Kendiya Group had gradually surfaced, and they were the closest to Nangang.At that time, the senior executive just said that he was still in the initial contact stage.  However, two months have passed and the negotiations have made substantial progress.The night before yesterday, Danyang News official Weibo news: Jiangsu Kendiya Group successfully acquired the Jiangsu Nangang Club Men’s Basketball Team.The micro-blog has attached a source link and two pictures.One of the pictures is that Qin Yong, chairman of Nangang Basketball Club, shakes hands with Li Haixing, chairman of Kendia Group.  Yesterday, the reporter called the senior executive of the club again. He also confessed to the reporter that the negotiations between the two parties have entered the final stage, and only the final signature is required.The share structure of Nangang Club is as follows: Nangang Group owns 70% of the shares, and Provincial Sports Bureau owns 30% of the shares.This time Nangang Group transferred all 70% of its shares to Kendia Group.This time General Manager Qin (Club Chairman Qin Yong) signed a contract of intent on behalf of Nangang. The final agreement also requires the signature of the top leaders of Nangang Group. This senior executive told reporters.  The reporter learned that the purchase price of Kendia Group was between 50 million and 60 million yuan.At present, the two parties have no objection to the transfer, and it is only a matter of time to sign the contract.Home will not change team and home will still be in Nanjing. Since the Nangang club has been replaced by the door court, the external most concerned question is, where will Nangang’s home be placed in the future?Nanjing fans may have doubts, can they see Nangang games in front of their homes in the future?  Zhang Shilin, director of the Basketball Management Center of the Provincial Sports Bureau, said when the union was asked about the Nangang transfer rumors: (the team stays in Nanjing) This is an unspoken consensus between the Provincial Sports Bureau and Nangang Club. Both of us hope that JiangsuBasketball can get out of the mire as soon as possible.In this share transfer, Nangang Group has also shown enough sincerity. During this transfer, our quotation is not high, because we must be responsible for Jiangsu Basketball.There are a lot of people talking about it. We have gone through layers of screening in order to be able to have a company with the strength and intention to make the team good.  The reporter learned that in this share transfer process, the Provincial Sports Bureau did not intervene too much, but clearly required two points: (acquirer) must be a provincial enterprise, home and team must be placed in Nanjing, KendiaThe group also agreed to such a request.  In fact, at a media symposium after the end of last season, a number of media attended presented a suggestion to the leaders of Nangang Group: put the home court in the urban area of Nanjing, so that they can have a fan market.A person familiar with the situation revealed to reporters that the home court (whether or not to put it in an urban venue) is not easy to say, but it is definitely in Nanjing, and it may be arranged in Zhenjiang, where Kentia Group is located.  It is not surprising that the club’s new owner is still quite well-known for the Nanjing market, which is not surprising. Nanjing has long been the new headquarters of Kendia Group.Such a decision is still able to comfort the hearts of Nanjing fans.The foundation will not be changed and the coaching staff will retain the poor performance of Nangang in the past two years. The large loss of talent is an important reason.And now it has experienced such a major event as the club changing the club. Will the team suffer from brain drain, poor performance, or even a long period of pain?Going forward, Kendia Group strives to convey confidence to the outside world.  Ken Hai, chairman of Kendia, publicly stated that the club needs a good start.With regard to Nangang’s existing coaches and team members, Kendia’s attitude is that while maintaining stability, it purposefully introduces high-level players.A person familiar with the relationship with Nangang Group revealed that from the several rounds of negotiations between the two sides, the new club will not make major moves on the coaching staff and players, and will make some supplements. The expenditure in the new season must be higher thanPrevious.Not sharp, Kendia Group is still full of expectations for the club’s first season.  Nan Xue Club coach Hu Xuefeng, who is currently serving as an assistant coach for the national team in Beijing, also expressed the same expectation to reporters. The situation at home is not yet clear.From my point of view, I definitely hope that the club can maintain stability from the players to the coaching staff, and on this basis, the introduction of high-level foreign aid and strong domestic aid, the team can go further.

Yiyang letter collection supervision work letter: verify the unconditional exit of Shanghai Huatu as soon as possible

Yiyang letter collection supervision work letter: verify the unconditional exit of Shanghai Huatu as soon as possible
Because the controlling shareholder Yiyang Group’s reorganization funds did not arrive as scheduled, Yiyang Xintong was issued a supervisory work letter by the Shanghai Stock Exchange.The Shanghai Stock Exchange’s supervision work letter shows that on April 1, 2020, Yiyang Xintong responded to the Shanghai Stock Exchange’s second inquiry letter about the company’s 2019 annual performance forecast correction.Uncertainty exists in the implementation of the reorganization plan. Eventually, the current 700 million reorganization funds have not arrived on schedule, the reorganization costs, and the source of funds for the settlement of employee debt rights are not clear.Currently, stocks face the risk of suspension of listing.The working letter of the regulatory agency of the Shanghai Stock Exchange stated that on March 28, 2020, the reorganization of investors replaced the payment of relevant funds as scheduled according to the reorganization plan; Yiyang Xintong, the controlling shareholder and the reorganization manager resumed verification of the reorganization investors as soon as possible.The specific circumstances of Huatu ‘s unconditional withdrawal, as soon as possible to extend the source of funds for bankruptcy costs, explain the reorganization of subsequent arrangements, fully break through the risks of bankruptcy liquidation, and timely supplement the information disclosure obligations.Obviously, Sauna Night reported a few days ago that the real controller behind the reorganization of Shanghai Huatu, the investor of Yiyang Group, was Zhang Enping. Zhang Enping and his company, a joint venture company named Huazhi Fund, had been restricted by the court in October last year, and the financial strength was unknown.The Shanghai Stock Exchange also said that at present, the reorganization investors have not paid the reorganization funds on schedule, and the company should fully promptly prompt the relevant risks, including the existence of major uncertainties in the implementation of the reorganization plan, the uncertainty in the performance forecast correction, and the company ‘s net assets may continue to beNegative, may suspend listing and so on.And in strict accordance with the relevant regulations, full, accurate and timely disclosure of important information related to reorganization matters, and in the same year audit firm, shareholders, reorganization managers and reorganization investors, the relevant information is true, accurate and feasibleVerify.In addition, in the regulatory work letter, the Shanghai Stock Exchange also paid attention to matters such as performance forecast adjustments, debt-to-equity price adjustments, and control of listed companies.Yiyang Group, which has been going on for one year, has reorganized the rebirth of the previous days.Yiyang Xintong announced on March 29 that Yiyang Group’s reorganization investors should pay the first part of the 700 million investment required by the reorganization plan before March 28, 2020. The above funds should be received before March 28.In its reply to the Shanghai Stock Exchange on April 1, Yiyang Xintong stated that whether the reorganization fund payment prescribed by the Yiyang Group ‘s reorganization plan is paid as scheduled, and whether the payment of related claims (including cash settlement and stock conversion) can be completedUncertainty, Yiyang Group still has the risk that the reorganization plan cannot be executed and the court declares bankruptcy and liquidation.Yiyang Group replied to the Shanghai Stock Exchange on April 1st that it resumed its reinvestment of the investor ‘s first phase of investment, which was not in place due to the severe impact of the force majeure of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic.During the period, if the enterprise bankruptcy and reorganization of investors is difficult to recruit or unable to formulate a feasible reorganization plan budget, the time for bankruptcy and reorganization may be appropriately extended. “Yiyang Group said that it is currently carrying out relevant work in accordance with the provisions of the reorganization plan, including but not planning to urge investors to invest as soon as possible.In addition, Yiyang Group said that in the case where creditors do not agree to transfer new reorganization investors or provide financial support, Yiyang Group will pay for bankruptcy expenses by disposing of property, common debts, employee debt rights and tax claims.The implementation of the reorganization plan will face potential risks and uncertainties.Editor Xu Chao proofreading Wei Zhuo

2016 Snooker Daqing National Championship Ding Junhui vs Wharton video

2016 Snooker Daqing National Championship Ding Junhui vs Wharton video
On October 26th, in the 2016/2017 season of the 16th National Snooker Daqing National Championships (with: 2016 Snooker National Championship complete schedule schedule + contestants against the list / sign),Chinese star Ding Junhui lost three consecutive games with a 5-2 lead, and eventually made a lore in the final game. After a 6-5 victory over Wharton, he successfully advanced to the quarter-finals of the National Championships and then will play against Higgins.Ding Junhui’s data map Ding Junhui once again experienced slow heat in the current national championship. The qualifying match reversed in the face of Mann 2-5 behind the four-game winning streak, and then the state of the first round of the main game gradually recovered, 6-1 wins Grace 6-2 wins Stevens.In the third round, Ding Junhui will encounter a strong enemy Wharton, and another is the 2014 national championship. Ding Junhui has won three large ranking matches and Wharton has no victory.  In the first game, Ding Junhui came up with a precise bench to score, and then scored 1-0 with a 90+ score.In the second inning, Wharton made a mistake and left a long table opportunity. Ding Junhui scored 23-0 and hit the basketball ball to pile up the ball. As a result, the red ball accidentally fell.Wharton took the opportunity to score 35 points and turned to defense.In the struggle, Ding Junjunhui missed the opportunity, Wharton once again cleared the table to win the game, 1-1.  In the third game, Wharton lost the top bag of coffee balls after taking 7 points on the bench. Ding Junhui scored 18 points and made a red ball bottom of the top of the pile.Wharton then established a 49-18 lead. Ding Junhui’s long platform bagging and running rushed into the red ball to get started again. After 60-49, he called for a super ball and the ball was not in place. Ding Junhui thinly entered the big angle ball and scored the game., Leading 2-1.  In the fourth game, Ding Junhui scored a red ball after the long table, posted a yellow ball as a snooker, Wharton made a four-court penalty and successfully solved the ball, then Ding Junhui used the green ball as a barrier to make another meaningful snooker, WoThis time the ball was directly missed, Ding Junhui started the single shot 90+ to win this game, and the total score was 3-1.  In the 5th inning, Ding Junhui scored a red ball in the bottom bag, the cue ball plunged into the red ball pile to form a snooker for himself, Ding Junhui then solved the ball with a penalty of 6 strokes and then missed the ball, Wharton only scored 7 points and then bag powderThe goal is not scored.Ding Junhui started again, and the offensive was interrupted after scoring 71 points.Wharton’s last red ball became a snooker, Ding Junhui then scored the red ball on the long table, and cleared the table to win the 4-1 lead in this game.  In the 6th inning, Ding Junhui won the chance on the long bench. After 18 consecutive points, the long bench coffee ball failed to score. Wharton turned to the defense after scoring 25 points.Ding Junhui then showed a penalty for falling over the bag. Wharton scored again and started again. He scored this game after a stroke, and the score was 2-4 behind.  In the 7th inning, Ding Junhui scored 16 points in a row, but the bottom of the red ball did not enter the bag. Wharton then struggled for a long platform error. Ding Junhui won the mobile phone meeting again through the long platform attack. Then he scored 88 points and won the game. 5-2 First came to the match point.  In the eighth inning, Wharton seized the opportunity of the long bench to get started, and then scored 130 in a single shot to win the inning, saving a match point 3-5 behind.In the 9th inning, Wharton made a safe ball mistake. Ding Junhui scored 43 points in a row and the offense was interrupted.Wharton won the mobile phone meeting once, and failed to continue after scoring 45 points.The two sides struggled on the yellow ball for a long time. Ding Junhui scored again on the long table, but then the simple bottom bag failed to score. Wharton cleared the table and won this round, only 4-5 behind.  In the 10th inning, Ding Junhui made a safe ball mistake, Wharton failed to score a black ball in the bottom pocket, Ding Junhui failed to defend in place, Wharton started with a combined ball, and then scored 124 points in a single shot to break the 100 sets, winning three games in a row.Later Wharton divided the total score into 5-5 draws.In the third round of the 2016 Snooker International Championship Ding Junhui vs Wharton, Ding Junhui did not score a goal in the top bag. After Wharton scored 32 points in a row, he almost didn’t score a red ball.Ding Junhui interrupted after scoring 25 points, and then the game staggered and continued. Ding Junhui seized the opportunity to start and lost the top bag of coffee balls 55-37.Wharton missed the ball due to a defensive mistake, Ding Junhui once again scored the game with a super score, and the 6-5 lore Wharton advanced to the quarterfinals.  Follow Ding Junhui》》》Ding Junhui 2016 Snooker National Championship Live Video 2016 Snooker National Championship Live Video

Sun Qibin or Fang Jingqi?Are all helpless choices on the Tianhaimen line

Sun Qibin or Fang Jingqi?Are all helpless choices on the Tianhaimen line
Sun Qibin seemed embarrassed in a short time.Photo / Sports Tianjin Tianhai goalkeeper Zhang Lu was sentenced to 4 months as a prisoner for drunk driving. His 2019 season has been declared ended in advance.At the same time, Zhang Lu’s behavior “engaged” Tianjin Tianhai, who is in the relegation abyss.It is well known that after the main goalkeeper, Tianhai’s relegation prospects are extremely optimistic.In the last 5 rounds of the Chinese Super League, Tianhai’s matchup indicators are: at home against Wuhan Zall and Beijing Renhe, away from Henan Jianye, at home against Dalian, and away from Jiangsu Suning.Currently in the standings, Tianhai Ji is ranked second from the bottom with 18 points.Apart from the penultimate Beijingers and their direct opponents who relegated, several other teams are in the middle and have no desire.However, a small number of Tianhai, the captain and main goalkeeper, have low morale, and every game is difficult.Zhang Lu’s drunk driving was exposed last week. In the home game against Beijing Zhonghe Guoan last Sunday, Tianhai could only send substitute goalkeeper Sun Qibin to guard the goal.Sun Qibin was the third goalkeeper of Tianhai at the beginning of the season, and this game with Guoan was his first Super League debut.The goalkeeper, who was temporarily in charge, made two turnover errors due to tension and lack of experience.At the juncture of relegation, I am afraid that Tianhai will not take another risk.In addition to Sun Qibin, Tianhai also has the former No. 2 goalkeeper Fang Jingqi.Fang Jingqi joined Tianjin Tianhai from Guangzhou Evergrande this season.In the first half of the season, Fang Jingqi was given a chance to play because of Zhang Lu’s injury. When Tian Hai challenged Guoan away in the first leg of the league, it was Fang Jingqi who was the goalkeeper for the team.He performed well in this game and staged many wonderful saves. Guoan finally won 2 to 1 in battle.In addition, in the penalty shootout in the fourth round of the FA Cup, Fang Jingqi saved two penalty kicks from Shijiazhuang Yongchang to help the team “point win” the opponent.Although Fang Jingqi is no longer the first substitute in the position of goalkeeper after Park Zhongjun succeeds Shen Xiangfu as Tianhai coach, Sun Qibin’s failure to make his debut in the Super League may regain his chances.

Two Tigers premiered in Beijing, Huanzhu crew reunited

“Two Tigers” premiered in Beijing, “Huanzhu crew” reunited
Sauna Night News (Reporter Li Yan) On November 27, the movie “Two Tigers” premiered in Beijing Antiques.Director Li Fei, producer and starring Zhao Wei, starring Ge You, Qiao Shan, Fan Wei, Yan Ni, Pan Binlong and Wang Sen were on the scene to talk to the audience about their creative feelings.In addition, friends from the main circle also came to join in the show, “Return Pearl” Li Mingqi, Su Youpeng, Chen Zhipeng and Zhao Wei reunited.”Huanzhu Opera Group” reunited.Photo courtesy of the organizer In addition to the “Return Pearl Team”, the “Northeast Laughing Point” Aixiao conference room combination was unveiled on the same day. The presence of Cui Zhijia and Xiu Rui delighted Qiao Shan and Pan Binlong.The new pants band who sang the movie theme song “If Life Deceives You” also came to support.Yu Baimei said of his impression of “U-style comedy”, “The film presents the life of Chinese comedians.”Cao Baoping said that the movie selected the right actors, “Ge You is the backbone of this movie.”Ge You and Peng Lei.Photo courtesy of the organizer Zhao Wei has a few narrations in the film that test the performance skills very much, and he speaks as “ex-girlfriend”.She said that this movie has a profound meaning. Although she has no rivalry with Ge You, she is also very enjoyable: “All the actors are my favorite, and I am a fan of them.Even though we may not all have rival plays, but it is worthwhile to enable these actors to appear in the same movie.The movie “Two Tigers” will be released nationwide on November 29.Sauna, Ye Wang Li Yan editor Xu Meilin proofreading Li Shihui

Shanghai East Asia will change owner: Shanghai Port Group’s wholly-owned acquisition Xu Genbao withdraws_1

Shanghai East Asia will change owner: Shanghai Hong Kong Group wholly acquired Xu Genbao withdraws
Whether Eriksson will coach Shanghai East Asia next season, as reported by the Swedish media, has not yet been finalized, but as the Swedish media revealed that Eriksson will be in charge of East Asia, another rumor in Shanghai football: East Asian changeImmediately surfaced.  According to a person familiar with the matter: The club that invited Eriksson to be the coach of the team is not Shanghai East Asia Football Club, but a recently completed wholly-owned acquisition of East Asia, which has not yet entered the publicity stage, will debut at the Shanghai Super League Club next season.This time the wholly-owned acquisition of East Asia is the current team sponsor: Shanghai Group!It is reported that the Shanghai-Hong Kong acquisition of East Asia costs about 200 million yuan.徐根宝将从东亚退出瑞媒曝埃里克森成东亚新帅人选  就当所有人都认为埃里克森会和广州富力完成续约的时候,昨天瑞典《体育快报》却撰文称,埃里克Sen has received an invitation to coach from the Shanghai East Asia Club. The Swede will become the new East Asia coach next season.Although a few hours after the news came out, at the pre-match press conference between R&F and Luneng, some reporters threw the rumor to Eriksson. At that time, the Swedish coach clarified that:I don’t know anything about this rumor. At present, the only thing I am interested in is to bring R&F to the AFC stage as soon as possible. As for next year’s events, a decision will be made after the end of the season. Now, I will put all my energy onCompete for the AFC qualification above.However, in fact, just a few days ago, Eriksson did receive a contract sent by the Shanghai-Hong Kong leaders after the reorganization to personally coach the Shanghai-Hong Kong team next season.  No wind, no wave.Swedish media reports that Eriksson is expected to coach East Asia. Is it true?Why does the Swedish media have such reports?There is a very good coaching team such as Xu Genbao in East Asia. Why do you want to invite Eriksson coaching team?For a Super League club such as East Asia that does not invest much every year, referring to the current rumors that Guangzhou R&F pays the Erickson team about 2 million US dollars a year, why East Asia should invest in the coaching team for its own clubIs it definitely a heavy expense?East Asia’s new owner, Eriksson, invited Eriksson    Swedish media to report that Eriksson’s coaching of East Asia next season triggered a series of question marks.And this series of question marks finally brought out a message about East Asia changing hands that has been circulating in Shanghai football for many days.In fact, this rumor is no longer a news for some people in the team.At present, the Shanghai-Hong Kong team is within a certain range and is very clear about the process and results of this East Asian change of ownership.  Many people know that when the curtain of the 2014 Chinese Super League slowly falls, Shanghai football, a godfather Xu Genbao and a football club called Shanghai East Asia will also bid farewell to Chinese football.In fact, after the National Day, with the result of the club’s change of ownership, the news gradually spread out within the team, and the team members who learned the results of the incident did indeed withstand all the waves in the heart, and there was no turmoil on or off the court.And panic.  For East Asia, there are still two rounds of leagues. The two rounds are not related to the championship, relegation, and impact of the AFC situation this season. However, for the East Asian team who knows that the team has been transferred, it is also frankly said: knowAt the time of this matter, we have more than two rounds of competition. Everyone’s heart is not distracted. The results of the current and future games, even if they have nothing to do with the AFC Champions League, but we will go all out to play the final game.It is good to get any results, after all, the final result is the return of our efforts this year.To put it more bluntly, winning a game and a bonus, everyone’s psychology will not be fragile enough to bear anything.It was reported that the failure of the AFC qualification caused the club to change its owner. On December 25, 2005, Shanghai East Asia Football Club Co., Ltd. was officially established.According to the title contract, its first team will play in the Super League under the name of the Haigang Group football team from the 2013 season.Shanghai East Asia Football Club is jointly funded by Shanghai East Asia Group Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Genbao Football Club Base Co., Ltd., with Chinese famous Shanghai local coach Xu Genbao serving as the company’s chairman and club chairman.  Since the creation of China’s Manchester United has always been Xu Genbao’s slogan and goal of struggle, so the team is sometimes nicknamed China Manchester United.It is revealed that the parties have officially completed the negotiation of the transfer agreement. After the end of the 2014 season, Shanghai East Asia Football Club officially withdrew, and the team’s sponsors, the Shanghai Gang Group in the last two seasons, will become the club’s new owner.  There is a rumor that on September 13th, Shanghai Hong Kong lost 0-3 to Guangzhou Evergrande at home. On September 21st, Shanghai Hong Kong lost 1-2 to Guangzhou R&F, making Shanghai Hong Kong basically withdraw from the impact of the AFC Champions League this season.The ranks of is the most direct cause of the complete change of ownership in East Asia.有知情人士表示:在上港客战上海申花的比赛之后,上海方面相关领导曾找到东亚俱乐部及球队方面,直接表达了‘如果冲进亚冠,将帮助俱乐部在加大资金投入,确保球队下赛季打好亚冠’等等想法.Conversely, if this season cannot be rushed into the AFC Champions League, the relevant parties will lose confidence in the existing clubs and team leadership teams, and will invite more powerful teams to lead this team to the Super Arena, which is说,‘易主’将成为球队的失去亚冠资格之后,最快完成是事情。根宝和东亚即将暂别中超赛场  非常遗憾的是上港在打完8月31日客战申花的比赛之后,主场先后负于恒大和富力,随后客战贵州,1比1战平,再回0-0 at home to tie Luneng.After these few games, the qualifications of Shanghai and Hong Kong in the AFC Champions League for the 2015 season will gradually drift away until they say goodbye.After the National Day, relevant parties and shareholders such as East Asian Football Club and Xu Genbao sat at the club’s share transfer table.Although, this season’s rumored intention to acquire East Asia’s capital is not limited to the Shanghai-Hong Kong Group, but the previous rumors ended mostly because the capital and Genbao could not reach agreement on the transfer price.  It’s just that this time, all the transfer negotiations between East Asia, Genbao and Shanghai-Hong Kong are progressing smoothly and smoothly.According to people familiar with the matter: In the past month, things have been handled fairly quickly.Starting from next season, Xu Genbao, Xu Guideng and other shareholders, as well as East Asia’s full exit, the new club leadership team, and the team’s coaching team will be handled and reorganized by the new owner Shanghai and Hong Kong.It is reported that the fees paid by Shanghai-Hong Kong to acquire all the shares of shareholders such as East Asia and Xu Genbao are satisfied with the shareholders of Shanghai-Hong Kong, East Asia and Genbao.Due to the confidentiality agreement, the relevant parties did not disclose the final accurate transaction price of both parties, but there is news that the final transaction price is about 200 million yuan.  A person familiar with the matter said: Shanghai needs a team that can compete with Guangzhou Evergrande. It is for this reason that Shanghai Group finally acquired this club with a good age structure, potential and strength.。In the future, Shanghai Hong Kong’s investment will allow the outside world to see Shanghai Hong Kong Group’s determination to invest in football.It is also known that the reorganization of the new club has begun, the structure of the club’s leadership has been basically finalized, and the relevant leaders have entered the working state.At present, after careful consideration and gradual selection of the new club, the transfer objectives of the team’s foreign teachers, foreign aid, and domestic aid have been basically delineated.(New body)

Can this year really be called a big year for approving films?

Can this year really be called a “big year for approving films”?
Sauna Night Net Mapping / Xu Xiao Data Source: Cat Eye Film Professional Edition (Note: The data in 2019 is before the deadline) This year’s Chinese film market has reached 86 films, which is 9 more than last year.With the high box office blessings of “Qianxun”, “Why Home” and “Green Book”, the number has surged this year, and the market for a wide range of batches of films can also survive last year’s “downturn.”Although the box office area of this year ‘s approved film is 4.3 billion, it is still slightly inferior to the 5.7 billion in 2017, but compared to previous years, this year is relatively outstanding in terms of the quality of the film and the richness of genres.After the “Crazy Approval Movie” last year, after the calm reshuffle, some cinema managers and box office experts believed that the approving film market will develop in a more mature and rational direction in the future.However, it is possible for companies that introduce film approval to remain calm and establish accurate and reliable film selection quality standards and market awareness in order to achieve better results in the future film approval market.  1 The data looks rational. In 2013, the domestically released batches of film received a total of 19.300 million box office, an annual increase of 90%. From 2013 to 2015, three consecutive batches of five film box offices exceeded 100 million. 2016 and 2017 ushered in a major outbreak of film production. Both the quantity and quality are exciting.It has repeatedly updated the record of Douban ‘s high scores and has performed well at the box office. In 2017, the Indian film “Fall!”Dad “(Box Office 12.9.6 billion), the American film “Resident Evil 6: Final Chapter” (Box Office 11.1.2 billion) has become a well-received representative of the film with the potential to break the 1 billion box office.This year, a total of 86 batches of films have been released internally, and as of the time of writing, 42 were created.At the box office of 900 million, it is more than 12 compared with the investment of 3 billion in 77 approvals last year.900 million, an annual increase of 30%, of which a total of 14 broke 100 million, creating a new record of “the largest batch of broken 100 million films.”  Absolutely niche films have grown compared to previous years. This year’s batch market has grown compared with last year in both box office and quality, whether it is the early Oscar winner “Green Book” or the re-release version of the main feelings.Thousand and Thousand Searches, or the word-of-mouth masterpiece “Why is Home” that surpassed “Avengers 4: Endgame” for eight consecutive days, plus “The Sea Pianist” replayed after digital restorationSome batches have made breakthroughs in quality, popularity and popularity.”Overseas movies adapted to the Chinese market still need to have sufficient and unique characteristics. Domestic audiences are actually more demanding on overseas movies. Those who can achieve high box office potential must empathize with the audience and have excellent quality.Li Yulin, the cinema manager who has worked for many years in the cinema, said: “This year’s remarkable feature is that the clear niche films are more recognized by the market. Even if they don’t have the blessings of the big stars familiar from domestic audiences, they don’t have the golden bell of the big IP, But it has excellent quality, and it also includes the lack of types of domestic films and sub-accounts, so it is more popular with viewers.”This year’s batch market is moving towards” calmness “. In the 2017 batch box office list,” Wrestle! “Dad won 12 in one fell swoop.At the 900 million box office, the 1.1 billion box office in the second-place “Resident Evil: Final Chapter” also nearly doubled the 2016 box office champion (the 2016 champion was “Ghostbusters 2” 6).(300 million box office), two billion-box approvals at the box office stimulated the market.The number of approved films continued to explode in 2018, but the performance of the approved films last year was not satisfactory.This year’s situation is still similar. Although 14 movies have broken through 100 million, there are again box office billion-level movies. The winner is Miyazaki’s “Thousand and Thousand Seeking” (4.8%), experts believe that this does not mean that the sales of batch films are not good, but that the batch film market has gradually become rational and stable, and the mentality of entering the market by relying on unknown niche type films has become more and more popular.Less.The box office analyst Luo Tianwen believes that the reason why the film is difficult to release is that many viewers have become accustomed to this type of movie. In addition to the strong performance of many domestic movies this year, the batch of film still faces the ceiling of the box office.It is really difficult to have a 1 billion-level approval at this stage.  The trend of watching 2 films has always been, whether it is divided into account films or batch films, the introduction films in the internal film market are mainly American movies. From the perspective of language, the mainstream is naturally English films, followed byJapan, India, Russia, and France are the only other small-language movies.The situation has changed even more this year. Japanese films have become well-deserved protagonists. Indian films have continued to cool down. Films from Lebanon, Mexico, Malaysia, Switzerland and other countries have also entered the Chinese screen. More countries have appeared in the Chinese film market.Film works: This kind of “Why is Home” is a Lebanese film, “Mirage” comes from Spain, “Murder Munich” comes from Russia, “Furious Lion” comes from the Netherlands, and “Friendship Above” comes from Thailand.  Japanese films: Anime is still the protagonist. Compared with the previous American film criticism, this year ‘s Japanese film has become a well-deserved protagonist. A total of 24 Japanese films have been released in China. Only 16 Japanese films were released in the first five months of this year, The same as the number of Japanese batches approved last year.The animated IP theatrical version is still the big player in the Japanese critics. This year’s dating Miyazaki works set off a feeling of sentiment, “Thousands of Chihiro” with 4.The 800 million box office became the single box office champion this year, and four of the top ten box office films this year were from Japanese animated films.  Looking at the box office as a whole, the performance of Japanese animation IPs has been uneven. The familiar series of “Doraemon”, “Conan” and “One Piece” have already cultivated a fairly stable audience group.A fixed income has been completed, but in addition to these few successful IPs, the box office of other Japanese animated movies is not ideal; in addition, Japanese live-action movies have been sluggish in China (“The Thief Family” hit a live-action Japanese with a score of 96 millionThe record of the Chinese market for movies) has always been difficult to break through 100 million. “When Prayer Ends” is the best Japanese live-action movie at the box office this year, and it has only won 67 million box office.It is worth mentioning that most of the Japanese films are released in the country at a “lag”, and many viewers have already watched the film in advance through various online channels, which actually affects the attendance rate.  Indian Films: The anti-traditional genres come into force starting with the release of “Tuner” in April this year and ending with “Golden Glory” in December. In 2019, a total of 8 Indian films appeared on the big screen in China.The number of films approved in India was flat.This year and last year have evenly reproduced the glory of the 2017 Indian film approval. The highest box office is the “Tuner” that was fermented by word of mouth in April (3.200 million, ranking fourth in the box office list this year). In addition to this movie, other Indian films have not missed the top ten, and the only one that broke through 100 million is “The Revenge of a Mother” released after “Tuner”.Other films have performed relatively bleakly, with tens of millions or millions of rules. The “Golden Glory” released this month has only received 650,000 box office.  Although the number of Indian movies has decreased and the box office has cooled over the past two years, this year’s Indian movies have made new breakthroughs in genre.”Hiccup Teacher” “Wrestling!”Dad, “Toilet Heroes” and other previously introduced representative films have all labeled the “educational type” for Indian movies, and Chinese audiences have also formed the most distinctive predictions about Indian education and Indian singing and dancing.And this year’s Indian films have changed in correction and genre. “Tuner” focuses on suspense reasoning. Once the box office crushed the Hollywood split, “Thunder Shazan!””The Revenge of a Mother” has elements of crime, suspense, etc., “Almighty” also focuses on crime plots. These films are almost free of the inertial singing and dancing and chicken soup preaching in Indian movies, which to a certain extent make the Chinese audience big.Eye-opening, I saw the unique charm of the new Indian genre.  American films also depend on word-of-mouth. The number of American films that used to produce a small surprise in Europe, which previously had a quantitative advantage, declined from 28 last year to 17 this year. According to reporters, this year ‘s review of film approval is more strict than before.Fortunately, there are still some classic works, such as the “Green Book”, which relies on the three awards of the best film of the 91st Academy Awards, the best supporting actor, and the best original script, and won the approval of this year according to the advantages of the timing of introduction.Runner-up in the box office, 4.The $ 700 million result also set a new box office high in the Oscar-winning film’s interior film market. The high-profile work “Blade the Blade” released at the end of the year also has 1.The 900 million box office won the eighth place in the box office.  The audience is clearly aware that the batch film market is expanding this year. From the geographical perspective, the number of batch films exported by European countries has increased significantly this year, especially in Switzerland, Ukraine, Ireland, Luxembourg and other countries.The number of batches in France, Germany, Spain and other places is also rising. For example, the Lebanese film “Why is Home” has become a big dark horse next to this year’s batch. The German film “Heidi and Grandpa” has less than 3% of the daily film.The next counterattack also gained more than 20 million box office. The performance of these countries’ high-quality batches of films has allowed domestic batches of film buyers to turn their attention to the small country film market.The box office analyst Lv Qing told reporters that the suspense and action type criticism of Spain and France has more market potential in China. The film culture of many countries in the Internet era has been broader and faster. It is likely to be next year.Let domestic audiences see more works from other countries.  3 It is a good thing that the quality of the audience is not mature. It is different from the origin of the North American split film “Strongly produced, various tall”. The batch is famous for the richness of “multiple countries, more can, more styles”, especially when you buy it.The buyout of overseas film producers who do not participate in splitting has been tested in the long-term market.From the point of view of type, batch film can make up for some of the blanks of the split account film.This year, I can clearly feel that the type of the batch of films is gradually changing. In addition to the type conversion of the Indian batch of films mentioned above, the basic batch of movies is still replaced by drama and orientation. Among them, crime, horror, and suspicious doubts have also becomeThe market’s new favorite, in addition, there are also batches of corrected albums and biographies. Despite the large number, the best documentary Oscar “Freehand Rock Climbing” won 36 million box office. The music album “Sakamoto Ryuichi: Final Song” recently released》》 Although it was screened on the Yilian special line, the box office score was not good, but Douban 8.A high score of 8 is also an affirmation of this type of film.  Film market expert Jiang Yong said that from a macro perspective, the ultimate goal of the film bureau’s change is to further increase cultural diversity while ensuring a leading alternative to China’s film market share.With the growth of the box office of domestic films, the batch film market has correspondingly obtained more indicators; reorganization, capital influx, batch film market has added many new players, they have taken too many overseas styles and typesThe number of films that have been submitted for review has also greatly increased.”Although many of the films reflect the lives of foreign countries, the audience can still find their own things in it, just like the problem of the original family in” Why is Home “? This is also the biggest resonance they found when watching this film.Only when an emotional collision occurs with a movie can such a movie have a dark horse effect.”He said that the success of batches depends on the maturity of the audience. Ordinary audiences start to like and accept films of various genres in various nationalities and countries, and they also directly reflect very benign data in the market-” Tuner “”” Won 3.200 million at the box office, compared to the imported blockbuster blockbuster “Thunder Shazan” (2.900 million) higher.  The 4 film party must not speculate that the profitability of certain cheap and approved films will far exceed that of some major productions, and there is even a saying within the industry, “As noted in the cinema movie, investors pay more attention to investment films because the risks are controllableThe cost does not need to be too high, the most important thing is that you can still see the film.Approval of film is the box office of a cinema movie with the investment of Wangda.”Since 2016, this tacit agreement has been gradually broken.With the rapid development of the Chinese film market, the batch film market has risen and fallen with it. Numerous buyers have poured into the horse racing enclosure. After the capital bubble was squeezed out, the batch film market has begun to face three major challenges.First, foreign and foreign film producers have begun to increase copyright prices and hope to increase the grouping. Second, the domestic screening index is limited and may not necessarily be scheduled to a good date. Third, the entire film approval process must be completed within one year.Press to abandon the release process; finally, after a large number of batches of film are transferred, the audience’s appreciation will increase, and the requirements for the quality of the film itself will become higher and higher.  Many people have drawn from the number of batches and box office that this year is a copy of the “Big Film”, but box office analyst Luo Tianwen said that in fact there is no blind label on the number, the batch market has indeed grown, but competitionThe environment is also changing.”Most of the batch players who have entered the market in the past two years are still returning. You can see how many people bought the film this year, how many units they bought, how many were released, and how much money they made. After the depression market last year,In addition, there are stricter requirements for the experience and judgment of buyers of batch films.Try not to treat the film as a speculative business, or choose a high-quality work with a sufficient understanding of the market, in order to realize the healthy operation of the capital flow.”[Small link]What is an approved film?Wholesale film batches are a special type of imported film in the domestic film market, which means that domestic filmmakers buy out the right to show films from foreign filmmakers at a fixed price, and foreign filmmakers do not participate in China’s box office segmentation.the film.The quality of the approved films is uneven. To ensure stable box office revenue, domestic film and television companies often “package and buy” multiple films at one time. In a sense, they are “wholesale” of film copyrights, commonly known as “approved films”.  Writing / Sauna, Yehui Zhou Huixiaowan

The 2015 Champions League top 8 fears no Premier League team! When the world’s 1st richest is not the 1st strong_1

The 2015 Champions League top 8 fears no Premier League team! When the world’s richest person is not the strongest
Before the second round of the Champions League quarter-finals, British public opinion expects Chelsea to make it to the quarterfinals of the Champions League, clarifying the name of the Premier League.Because Chelsea is the leader of the Premier League today, it is the strongest fighting force in England at present, and they should be able to take on such responsibilities.But what is unexpected is that Chelsea was eliminated by Big Paris in the 11-for-10 situation, which made the Premier League team face the embarrassment of the team destruction in the Champions League.Chelsea is out of the Champions League and there will be no Premier League teams in the top 8    Chelsea is the first team in the Premier League to win this season’s Champions League eight seats.Before this matchup, Chelsea held the advantage of scoring away goals and took advantage of the home game.Therefore, regardless of whether it is public opinion or a gaming company, the Blues are optimistic about eliminating the big Paris and reaching the quarter-finals of the Champions League.But the final result is not only bitter for Chelsea, but for the entire Premier League, it is tantamount to a blow.  The reason for this is because after Chelsea is out of the game, it is likely that the Premier League team will face the danger of the destruction of the Champions League.This season, the four giants Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City and Liverpool represented Britain in the Champions League and the Reds were eliminated in the group stage.The other three teams made it to the top 16 of the Champions League, but in the first leg of the Champions League quarter-finals, Arsenal lost 1-3 at home to Monaco and Manchester City lost 1-2 at home to Barcelona.Considering the scores scored by Arsenal and Manchester City in the first round, they will undoubtedly find it difficult to make a comeback in the second round.The bookmaker’s odds illustrate the problem. Arsenal’s current odds are 81 for 1 and Manchester City 1 for 51. These two giants rank first among the 12 remaining teams in the Champions League.One is second to last.This also shows that Manchester City and Arsenal want to make it to the quarterfinals in the next round, which seems to be an unlikely thing.It can be said that now the Premier League team has reached the brink of ruin in the Champions League.  This situation reminds people of the Champions League in the 12-13 season. At that time, the Premier League four teams competed in the Champions League. Manchester City and Chelsea fell in the group stage. Arsenal and Manchester United were eliminated in the quarterfinals. The Premier League 4 teamNone of them reached the quarterfinals of the Champions League.Now only two years later, the Premier League is likely to relive this nightmare.Before this game, when Mourinho talked about the prospects of the Champions League, he said: As the best league in the world, if no team in the Premier League can break into the quarterfinals of the Champions League, this is completely unimaginable.…But even if this happens, the Premier League is still the first league in the world.The Premier League and the Champions League are two very different events.  Today, Mu Shuai said, but as for the status of the Premier League in the world’s first league, I believe that after this game, many people will join the ranks of questioners.In the three seasons from the 2016-17 season, the broadcast cost of the Premier League is as high as 51.3.6 billion pounds, which means that even if the Premier League bottom team, the broadcast share of a season will be as high as about 100 million pounds.In this case, public opinion shouted that the Premier League has overwhelmed La Liga and is the first league in football today.But after the Premier League leader Chelsea was eliminated, there was a statement on Twitter that was widely reprinted by British netizens and the media: The broadcast fee of the Premier League is as high as 5 billion pounds?But is every penny in it worth it?Perhaps, people will distinguish in the future: The Premier League is the first rich league, but in terms of team combat effectiveness and technical ability, I am afraid it is difficult to be the first name. (Small nine)

A week in the home furnishing industry │ good product plan denies omission of tax returns, and many home furnishing exhibitions are postponed

A week in the home furnishing industry │ good product plan denies omission of tax returns, and many home furnishing exhibitions are postponed
From March 23 to 29, the company has more new developments, MUJI MUJI parent company Liangpin plans to deny the omission of tax returns, and the president of Ingecar Shopping Center China will leave.At the same time, some companies have disclosed the 2019 annual performance reports one after another.In addition, the extension time of some home furnishing exhibitions has been determined one after another.◆ Corporate trends MUJI MUJI parent company denied the omission of taxation just because MUJI MUJI parent company Liangpin planned to “miss tax return” related issues in Japan, MUJI China headquarters told the sauna, Yewang on March 23 that Tokyo IRSIndeed, it pointed out its “missing declaration”, but the company’s good product plan believes that it has always followed the Japanese tax payment system, which is different from the opinion held by the Tokyo National Taxation Bureau.However, the Good Products Co., Ltd. still paid 2.1 billion yen in taxes.Chengwaicheng Furniture Plaza opened for business on March 25. On March 25, Chengwaicheng Furniture Plaza officially opened for business.Sauna, Yewang learned that during the rest period of more than two months, Chengwaicheng adjusted the opening time 6 times.After the opening business hours are 10: 00-18: 00.Ding Hui, President of Ingecar Shopping Mall China, is about to leave.On March 27, according to media reports, Ingeka Shopping Center (formerly IKEA Shopping Center).Sauna, Yewang asked the Ingka Shopping Center for verification. The relevant person in charge said that the news was true. Ding Hui turned to leave at the end of March, which is not convenient for the new trend.Regarding whether this position will be replaced, the relevant person in charge of Ingeka Mall said: “There is currently a short-term leadership setting to support the Chinese business, and the long-term plan will be announced later.”” Corporate Performance Sofia’s revenue growth rate for the first time last year for the first time on the evening of March 23, Sofia released its 2019 annual report showing that the company achieved operating income of 76.8.6 billion yuan, an increase of 5.13%; Net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies.7.7 billion US dollars, an increase of 12 from the same period last year.34%.Affected by industry competition and market environment, Sofia’s revenue growth rate has replaced a number for the first time since its listing.Qijiawang’s revenue last year was 7.7.1 billion US dollars increased by nearly 20% on the evening of March 27, Qi Yi Technology (1739.Hong Kong operating entity: The 2019 annual performance report released shows that the company’s major total revenue7.710,000 yuan, an annual increase of 19.4%.Its core platform service revenue reached 4.5.9 billion, an annual increase of 42.9%, the company ‘s equity holders ‘share of adjusted net profit from continuing operations is 6,221.80,000 yuan, an annual increase of 20.5%.◆ The 35th Foshan Ceramics Fair will be postponed to May. Affected by the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the Home Furnishing Materials Expo has been postponed.The 35th Foshan (International) Ceramics and Sanitary Ware Expo, which was originally scheduled to be held from April 18-21, 2020, was postponed to May 28-31, 2020. The venue is still China Ceramic City, China Ceramics Headquarters, Foshan International Conference and Exhibition Center.In addition, the organizing committee launched the “2020 Online Foshan Ceramic Fair” from March 28 to April 18 to achieve the precise connection between the introducer and the buyer.The 45th China (Guangzhou) International Furniture Fair was postponed to July 26th, the organizer of the China National Expo Guangzhou announced that the 45th China (Guangzhou) International Furniture Expo civil furniture exhibition was extended to July 18th, 2020-On the 21st, the office environment exhibition and equipment ingredients exhibition were held from July 27th to 30th.Milan International Furniture Fair will be held until April 28, March 21, Milan International Furniture Fair released official news that it decided to hold an exhibition in 2020, which will be held from April 13 to 18, 2021.Sauna, Yewang learned that affected by the epidemic, the 59th Milan International Furniture Fair, originally scheduled for April 21-26, 2020, once announced an extension to June.Sauna, Ye Jie Zhang Jie editor Peng Yali proofreading Jia Ning