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Workplace survival skills send you three amulets

Workplace survival skills send you three amulets

Since the office environment is composed of people, the behavior of each individual will inevitably affect other people’s thoughts, the overall atmosphere, and the progress of the work. They want to shine in the workplace, except for talent, and more importantly, personality.Emotional intelligence (EQ), social and many other invisible abilities.

Talent and professional ability, only when you are a freshman in the workplace, can add points to your competition. When you formally become a warrior in the work arena, the ability to really make you survive is actually: intelligence.

The office politics test is the ability of the office workers to adapt, coordinate, and so on.

  It is not surprising that every enterprise has the difficulty of having limited resources, and it is inevitable that there will be problems of uneven distribution. It is not surprising to use some means to increase the individual’s competitive advantage.

Each company has two organizational structures: a formal organizational structure can be presented in a chart, and an informal organizational structure is a human relationship, indicating a white point, office politics is just a friend who is more beneficial to your career, lessComplain among colleagues.

  Office workers should see a fact. It is normal to conduct political behavior in the office. It is strange to have no political activities. Those who close their eyes and pretend that there is no office politics are like crossing the road but not watching the traffic lights, or when the typhoon strikes.However, it is dangerous to pay attention to the news of heavy rain and earth and stone flow.

  If you want to overcome your fears and fears, you should let go of all your disdain and helplessness, join in and enjoy office politics.

Office politics is difficult to master, but not complicated.

What is office politics?

It is the attitude of dealing with people, it is difficult to pinch the position of advancing and retreating, it is the heart of harming people, and the heart of defending people is indispensable. In short, it is to make friends, especially those who can be at the core of power, like yours.Your boss, become your mentor and friend.

  The politics of the general official office is divided into two categories.

One is that the office is thick and black, teaching people how to achieve success through unscrupulous means, even if they are intrigued, even if they are intrigued, they will swindle and sacrifice their friends, and the other is like Carnegie, which is viewed in a more optimistic and positive way.Workplace politics.

The two paths vary from person to person and do not have to be excessively wasteful. The most ideal attitude is to “moderately participate” in office politics, but also to protect yourself from time to time.

  To this end, the career emergency room is particularly poor, and Huang Chun, who has come to the workplace for 10 workplace amulets, has twice published an office political album, and blessed the princes to avoid evil in the workplace.

Even if they are effective and invalid, they have to look at each other.

  第一道护身符-办公室政治没有台风眼  忌:置身事外、漠不关心  宜:与人为善,耳聪目明  很多人抱着‘清者自清、浊者自浊’的心态在看待办公室政治,以为只要能独善其身就可以远离是非,但实情是,地球上没有真正的中立国,办公室里也没有可以明哲保身的人,只要身在办公室里,就是处在暴风圈,没有所谓的‘台风眼’可容藏身.
  Many people naively believe that as long as they are professional and have a down-to-earth job, they will not get into trouble. One day, the boss will notice me this jade, but the end result is often counterproductive, because professional is not the only indicator of promotion, hiding inBehind the computer, not communicating with colleagues, will not let you become a leader, manager.

  Others say that office politics is the intrigue of high-level officials. It does not matter to our grassroots employees. In fact, the management has political science of management, and grassroots employees also have political questions for grassroots employees.

  Since the organization is a combination of people, everyone has their own priorities and interests. If you don’t learn how to coordinate the relationship between people, you don’t want to think about it.

  Office workers should recognize that office politics is not a reality of onlookers. This is a game in which you will automatically be sentenced out if you don’t play.

Those who want to be independent can be forgotten by everyone, and even one day you have to roll and walk.

  We are definitely not advocating office workers to make waves in the office. Every battle must be done. You don’t have to play a melee, but you must keep informed and adapt.

  The second amulet – you have achieved the team, the team will also achieve your bogey: openly engage in small groups should: work hard to save the network of passers-by before the island’s well-known accountant Lu Fangfang led the 109-member team to quit, causing the accounting community to sway,The performance of the Lulu team accounted for one-eighth of the old club’s joint trust accounting firm, with an annual visa income of 1.

800 million Taiwan dollars.

This is the best alternative for individuals and teams.


To recognize the success of the team is the individual’s success. The higher the contribution of the individual to the team, the heavier the weight in the team. In addition, remember to attribute the credit and glory to the team’s partners.

  If you are a newcomer who is still clear about the situation, don’t rush to set up your own small group or join someone else’s circle. If you accidentally commit high-level taboos, step on someone else’s site, or even choose the wrong side.Then don’t think about mixing in the office.

首要之务是先弄清楚公司里的党派生态,良心的建议是跟每个同事都保持良好关系,尽量不要被贴上派系卷标,除非环境里朋党的强弱分明,那当然要选择‘西瓜偎大边’啦!  The third amulet – saliva is a disaster, when the heartache comes out of the mouth: confessing right and wrong, spreading rumors should be: but ask others to do private things, not to publicize personal privacy, do not be in the office of their own private affairs, or spread other people’s gossip among colleagues, thisBoth behaviors will unconsciously push themselves into a dangerous situation.

But you should definitely open your ears and seal your mouth. ‘There are ears and mouths.’ It’s not just an adult’s lesson to teach children, it’s also one of the survival methods of the office jungle.

  Gossip has always been the best common topic of contact between colleagues, especially in the “personal room” between the tea room and the bathroom. It is often the largest distribution center for rumors, and it is also the “secret garden” for everyone to say bad things about the boss.。
However, even if you have suffered a lot of grievances in the office, you should not complain to your colleagues for two reasons. The complaints sound like body odor, everyone avoids it, no one is obligated to be your emotional trash can;The office is not where you look for a psychologist. Some people think that exchanging things with each other is a guarantee for the two to form an alliance, but what if one day is no longer a friend?

The secret of the past can be the handle of the other party.

  Therefore, no matter how good you are with your boss or how deep your heart is, don’t advertise in the company.

If you are in good condition, work seriously, and make beautiful achievements, you must not hope that the results of your efforts are attributed to the ‘special relationship’ with your boss!

In case you have misunderstandings or frictions with your boss, you will be aware of it. It is difficult to prevent it from becoming a topic of use or a substitute for hype, but it is not good for you.

  Gossip can be heard more, but not more, it is best not to enter.所谓‘祸从口出’,口水是名符其实的‘祸水’,不管是泄露自己的私事,或转述听来的是非,都可能让自己陷入言多必失的危险,更要不得的是以成为The Gossip Center is proud of it, and it is not known to be aware of the use of the gossip.

For women to enjoy sex, the rhythm should be slow

For women to enjoy sex, the rhythm should be “slow”

Basically, men in China always have premature ejaculation, and they are shot in the female wife’s body.
  A man may be comfortable orgasm, but a woman just has the feeling that she has gone on like this, and she has not brought much color to her sexual life.
  Do you think that affects emotions for a long time?
  Chinese men are premature ejaculation!
  The requirements of men and women for speed are different as if God made mistakes when they made people.
  A man can reach a climax in three or four minutes or even a minute or two, and a woman’s time in the play varies by 15 minutes to half an hour.
  Such a sharp scissors is destined to be a natural law.
  I hate to watch A film with my husband. Husband is stimulated and excited, and naturally solves problems more quickly than usual.
  ”So fast, I haven’t reacted.”
Afterwards, he woke up and slept, but I really thought that I couldn’t sleep for a long time.
“Which woman has not tasted the taste of being thrown up and thrown in the air?”
  Trace the root cause of the error
“You are always in a hurry, like standing in the office and opening a department meeting.”
Don’t complain like a blame, every man is afraid of a woman complaining about her dissatisfaction with her sexual life.
  Not to endlessly emphasize with him that you need more time to have a thrill, which will make him think that “slow” is to bend you, is a sacrifice and sacrifice.
  In fact, the “slow” brings the same pleasure to both parties, why not slow down.

“Controlling the rhythm of sex is a man’s business, and he has an obligation to satisfy me.
You can’t expect him to just stand in the middle of the road waiting for your climax to come?
  If you think like this, slow sex may be that he sings a one-man show alone, so he will get tired of it for a few times.
Men are sometimes stupid in bed and need a woman’s clear command.
  In fact, it is not difficult to make a man slower. Try to use his tenderness to impress him and lead him. The rhythm of making love is completely controlled by you.

“It’s too unfair, he can reach a climax every time, and I don’t have fun at all.
Don’t go too far with yourself. No woman can reach a climax every time. This is God’s arrangement.
  Even when you don’t reach the climax, you enjoy the joy of sex.
  Learn to be a slow woman. “I am too lazy to pay so much for sex. This is a man’s business.
“If you think so, I am sorry, I think you will never realize the art of “slow”.
  In SEX & the CITY, almost all women are self-reliant and independent.
  Lose the old concept of “the rhythm of sex is what he has the final say”, and be an autonomous slow woman in bed.
  Can you make him slower?
Can you talk about slowness during a walk or outing?
  The pace of walking each other is half a beat slower than usual, and even recalling those leisurely slow afternoons in childhood, do not have to hurry to pull the topic to the bed.
  Borrowing Milan Kundera’s statement in a novel, slowness is a kind of fun that is being lost, and there is a strange secret connection between slowness and memory, fast and forgetting.
  For example, when a person walks on the road, when he wants to recall something, he will unconsciously slow down. On the contrary, if he wants to forget what happened just now, he will gimmick and stride forward.
  Starting in such a metaphysical way, he will relax his vigilance.
  Ok, now he has begun to listen carefully to your words, and even has some kind of nostalgic resonance, you can slowly cut into the theme.
  Let Tifanny tell you how the “slow” art on the bed is made.  ”When I was in bed at night, I was fully armed and even wore socks.

After he took a bath, he came in in a red strip and looked at me instead.

  I stretched my foot and communicated with his chest through stockings.

Slowly, eyes are confused.

When he took off a sock for me, I avoided the other foot.

  ”Dear, slower.” The ritual of undressing can be slow enough to hear the other person’s breath, and the slow stripping ceremony is so interesting.

  All we need is patience, just keep talking to each other with every organ of the body.

  I admit that in such sex, I am the protagonist.

  I must constantly think of ways to communicate with him, caress him, kisses him, tells love, memories or delusions of love.

  I don’t want him to feel boring because of ‘slow’, and the fun is created by hand, especially when he is not necessarily used to such a rhythm.

  Later, I even bought a recording clock and put a good music every ten minutes.

The last part of the music is his favorite “Mystery Garden”. The soothing mysterious rhythm is the horn of the charge.” Wonderful Slow Love Three Steps 1.

Foreplay talks to him about slowness.

  Describe a wonderful slow-paced sex that you can experience together or hear.

  With a look of memories or yearnings, enough sensation, impress him.

  If you feel that this is too embarrassing to do so, you can write E-mail to him.

  Even during working hours, men will not refuse to see some colored letters, and they usually think that this is very sentimental.

  2.In the middle, you can think of various ways to slow down, such as: wearing more complicated underwear, playing a game of taking off underwear; agree with him, jointly challenge the time of making love, men like to play this game, know how much time they have.They are passionate about length and extension time.

  Kissing his body at the slowest rhythm you can bear, the progress of the facts will be slower than expected, because he will give back to you in a certain amount of time.

  Strictly controlled, don’t be soft.

If he wants to speed up, you can get out of bed and take a cup of milk to him or stop the action, singing a nursery rhyme in his ear.

Calm for a few seconds, he can be more durable.

  3.Slow love afterwards is really beautiful. Its biggest role is to let you remember it and often recollect it. For example, those unforgettable moments in love may support you to take care of you for the rest of your life.

  However, if you want to always maintain the heat of love, it is estimated to be a neuropathy.

  So don’t expect every time to be as slow as it is.

  The rhythm of the city itself has determined that we can’t keep every sex for two hours.

  All you have to do is not to let go of sex and the rhythm of the city forever, cut off, and plan a slow love when everyone is very relaxed.