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Spring Festival travel by train, pay attention to hygiene

Spring Festival travel by train, pay attention to hygiene

Although the traffic has become more and more developed, the train is still the first choice for many people in the “Spring Festival”. Therefore, the comfortable journey has become “hard” because of the crowd, the occluded space, the crowd, the uncontrollable diet and public goods.Safety. All kinds of factors can make your return home full of health risks.

  Spring Festival travel by train, urinating too much injury, drinking water, taking the train during the Spring Festival, the biggest problem is “difficult to go to the toilet”, especially for women who are more suitable for toilets, sometimes they can only choose to eat less and drink less, avoid waste.The toilet, or how long it can last.

  Urine can cause urinary tract infections, and robes infect female private parts, causing gynecological inflammation, so urinating is not desirable, and should not reduce drinking water.

  Even how to squeeze, the queue to go to the toilet still have to row.

It is not good, you can go to the bathroom of the platform to go to the toilet when you arrive at the big station where the stop time is long.

  Spring Festival by train, sedentary and do small sports usually take the train, especially the sleeper passengers, you can stroll at any time, this “privilege” during the Spring Festival is basically impossible.

  The passengers in the train are crowded, it is inconvenient to walk around, and there are many people, and it is easy to throw things when walking around. Many people have been sitting, or some people may have no seats and need to stand all the time, which is easy to cause blood vessel thrombosis., there is edema and even varicose.

  If it is not convenient to stand up, you can do the legs and small movements of the foot. For example, if you turn your ankles and tiptoes, you should go to the platform when the train stops.

  Spring Festival by train, stable mood, do not bother with the crowded Spring Festival, is a great test of emotions, many people can not express their mood in time, it is easy to suffer from “Spring Festival syndrome.”

The main symptoms of the Spring Festival syndrome are: worry, panic, fear, etc., easy to feel emotional anxiety, boredom.

  May bring a bottle of oil, a variety of odor impurities in the compartment, mixed with the vocal vocal, wipe the wind oil or cool oil under the temples and nose, causing depression, tension, affecting recovery and calm.

  In addition, don’t forget to bring your favorite books, games, music, long and boring ride time, get off the air and breathe fresh air, you can also help you improve your mood.

  Spring Festival train tips, but also to prepare a foot in the sanitary journey to disinfect the wet tissue, in case of inconvenient hand washing; must eat before eating and after the toilet; do not pinch the eye, digging the nose, ears.

  It is best to bring enough water and food yourself, use a public water dispenser as little as possible, and carry food that is convenient and difficult to mold.

  Be sure to bring some essential medicines, such as anti-allergic drugs, disinfection products and band-aids, when you go out.

Autumn God supplement is the best for climbing flowers

Autumn “God supplement” is the best for climbing flowers

There are many factors that affect people’s spirit. One of them is the change of the season. For example, the autumn wind is bleak, and the fall is colorful. It is the easiest to make people feel touched and sorrowful.
The ancients believed that “sorrowful lungs.”
Therefore, in the fall, if you want to keep yourself from worrying and not hurting your lungs, you should give yourself a “God supplement.”
  There are many ways to make up the gods, and there are roughly the following two types in line with the fall of the gods.
  Appreciation of flowers It can be said that there are no people in the world who do not love flowers. Flowers can be used to give a bouquet of flowers to others and express their love.
There is a saying: give a rose, the hand has a fragrance.
Whether it is a flower lover or a flower, everyone is happy together.
Generally speaking, autumn flowers are less than spring flowers.
However, the flowers of autumn have their own characteristics.
For example, sweet-scented osmanthus, its fragrance is unique, so that there is a “Wu Gang holding out the sweet-scented osmanthus wine”.
The sweet-scented osmanthus in the Mid-Autumn Festival, the fragrance is ten miles away, it is refreshing and refreshing, bringing people into a magical world, making people think!
Osmanthus fragrans, osmanthus tea, sweet-scented osmanthus sugar, etc. made from osmanthus are the best foods and beverages.
Whenever the autumn season is high, we walk in the jungle of Guilin, which gives people a feeling of fluttering.
  Although the chrysanthemum is not as delicate as the sweet-scented osmanthus, the variety of chrysanthemums is beautiful, the color of the flowers is beautiful, and the flowering period is particularly long. For this reason, many cities hold the “Chrysanthemum Exhibition” in the autumn, and gather a variety of chrysanthemums in a certain scenic area to let peopleenjoy to the full.
When I went to visit the Chrysanthemum Exhibition, there were three-year-old children and 90-year-olds. Looking at the colorful chrysanthemums and sniffing the intoxicating fragrance, people couldn’t help but think of the beauty of Tao Yuanming’s “Let’s see the South Mountain”.The poems can not help people feel happy, throwing the troubles of the week into the clouds.
  Ascending China’s ancients like to hold “elevation activities” during the Double Ninth Festival.
The earliest ascend, with the superstitious color of “respecting the gods”, after the Jin Dynasty, ascending to become a folk fitness activity, “Chongyang” and “longevity” marriage.
Therefore, China has named the “Chongyang Festival” as the “Old Man’s Day”.
Ascending to go is actually “climbing.”
The ancients said: “To be a thousand miles, go one step further.
“When you stand tall, you can see far, and ascending will give people an open-minded, imposing pride.
We stand at the top of the mountain, breathing fresh air, overlooking the distant city near the sky, the colorful mountains and rivers, and immediately let people have a “small mountain” sigh!
Ascending can not only exercise our muscles and joints, improve the function of the internal organs, enhance the endurance of the human body, but also temporarily away from the bustling city and enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature, so that people can forget the hearts of the intense work.Worry, there is a chance to relax, to adjust your nerves, to eliminate mental fatigue and mental anxiety, to make life full, so that you can energetically re-enter the next round of intense work.

Sweet potato must not know the pharmacodynamic effect

Sweet potato must not know the pharmacodynamic effect

Sweet potato is also called sweet potato, sweet potato, sweet potato, hawthorn, sweet potato, etc. It is a kind of healthy food for both medicine and food.

Sweet potato is sweet and can add more than 10 kinds of trace elements such as dietary fiber, carotene, vitamins and potassium, magnesium, iron and selenium.

It has been determined that every 500 grams of sweet potato contains about 11 proteins.

5 grams, sugar 14.

5 grams, 1 gram of trace, 100 mg of phosphorus, 90 mg of calcium, 2 g of iron, 0 carotene.

5 mg, in addition to vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C and niacin, linoleic acid and so on.

The content of vitamin B1 and vitamin B2 is 6 times and 3 times higher than that of rice, respectively.

In particular, sweet potatoes are rich in lysine, which is not clear to many people.

  Sweet potatoes are both nutritious and have high health care functions.

According to the “Compendium of Materia Medica”, “Ancient Compendium of Materia Medica” and other ancient documents, the sweet potato has the effect of “reducing deficiency, benefiting Qi, strengthening the spleen and stomach, strengthening kidney yin”, making people “longevity and less illness”.

Can also make up, blood, warm stomach, fat five dirty and so on.

The contemporary “Chinese Materia Medica” says that it is “sweet, flat, spleen, kidney,” and “complementing the blood, replenishing qi and fluid, wide stomach, and constipation.”

Modern medicine believes that the health functions of sweet potatoes are summarized in the following aspects.

  The most anti-cancer effects of the anti-cancer diet are β-carotene (vitamin A precursor), vitamin C and folic acid, while the sweet potato is rich in three.

A small sweet potato weighing about 100 grams can provide twice the daily vitamin A, 1/3 of the daily vitamin C and about 50 micrograms of folic acid; most of the fiber is higher than a bowl of oatmeal.

The anti-oxidation effect of β-carotene and vitamin C contributes to the anti-oxidative stress damage to the genetic material deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and plays a certain anti-cancer effect.

Eating sweet potatoes often helps maintain normal folate levels in the body, and low levels of folic acid in the body increase the risk of cancer.

The high content of precipitated fiber in sweet potato promotes peristalsis and prevents constipation and colon cancer.

  Beneficial heart sweet potato high blood pressure potassium, beta-carotene, folic acid, vitamin C and vitamin B6, all of which help prevent disease.

Potassium helps the body’s cellular fluids and electrolytes balance, maintaining normal blood pressure and heart function.

–carotene and vitamin C have anti-oxidative effects and prevent atherosclerosis.

Supplementation of folic acid and vitamin B6 helps to lower the level of homocysteine in the blood and can damage arterial blood vessels, which is an independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

  Prevention of emphysema An animal experiment at the University of Kansas in the United States found that smoking rats had reduced levels of vitamin A and prone to emphysema; while smokers who ate vitamin A foods had a significantly lower incidence of emphysema.

Why some long-term smokers live above 90 but have no emphysema, which may be related to the high vitamin A content in their daily diet.

Experts recommend that those who smoke or passive smokers should eat some vitamin A supplements (such as sweet potatoes) every day to prevent emphysema.

  Preventing Diabetes Japanese researchers found that diabetic rats with diabetes were eating white sweet potato for 4 weeks, and blood insulin levels were reduced by 26% and 60% after 6 weeks, respectively. It was found that sweet potato can effectively inhibit post-glucose blood glucose in diabetic diabetic rats.Elevated levels; eating sweet potatoes can reduce the levels of triglycerides and free fatty acids in diabetic rats.

Studies have found that sweet potatoes have a certain anti-diabetic effect.

A clinical study at the University of Vienna in Austria found that people with type 2 diabetes improved their sensitivity after taking sweet potato extract, thus controlling blood sugar.

  The effectiveness of laxative According to historical records, Emperor Qianlong suffered from constipation in his later years, and he was troubled by his long-term treatment.

One day, he smelled a special scent next to the royal chef. It turned out that a small eunuch was eating roasted sweet potatoes.

The Emperor Qianlong had to eat it one by one, and let the royal chef often eat sweet potatoes for him.

After eating it once, he was surprised to find that the senile constipation that had long left the doctors at a loss was unhealed.

Modern medicine believes that sweet potato contains a large amount of dietary fiber and has strong water absorption.

The precipitated fiber can not absorb and absorb inside, and can stimulate interaction, enhance peristalsis, detoxification, especially for senile constipation.

  Although sweet potato is a better healthy food, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points when eating sweet potatoes: it is not suitable for raw food, because the cell membrane in raw sweet potato is destroyed by high temperature and difficult to digest; secondly, it is necessary to extend the cooking time of sweet potato to make itThe “gasification enzyme” contained is destroyed, reducing the feeling of bloating, heartburn, snoring, nausea, excessive exhaustion after eating; the third is to eat with rice noodles, can use the complementary effect of protein; the fourth is to match the picklesOr eating fresh radishes together can reduce stomach acid; fifth is best to eat at noon, because after we have finished sweet potato, the calcium contained in it needs to be absorbed in the body for 4-5 hours, and the afternoon sun exposure can promoteCalcium absorption.