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[Old hen and what soup is good]_ making method _ practice Daquan

[Old hen and what soup is good]_ making method _ practice Daquan

Soup is made by old hens. This is one that many people will choose, just because the soup stewed by old hens is more delicious and because it has so many benefits, it can improve human immunity, strengthen the body, and strengthen the kidneys and spleen.Cardio-brain function and so on.

When using the old hen to cook soup, you can add a lot of ingredients. In addition to improving the taste, it can also enrich the nutrition. The following will introduce the old hen and what kind of soup is good.

Add mushrooms, fungus, wolfberry, yam, ginseng, etc. are all good choices.

1. Cut the old hen into pieces 2. The chicken will be boiled with cold water at the same time, and the stocked old hen will be simmered just a few seconds after the water is boiling. 3, ginger slices 4, add water, ginger, cooking wine,Salt, codonopsis, and water just drown the hens!

After the fire boiled, simmer slowly for three hours, and goji berries are finally released, because goji berries will rot for a long time!

5. Put the eggs and chicken liver in the old hen’s belly for the last ten minutes. The liver is old and not delicious. The eggs in the hen’s belly will rot for a long time, which will affect the soup color and taste!

6. Add shiitake mushrooms, wolfberries, etc. and simmer for two hours.

Old hens are female chickens that reach a certain age, but there is no defined definition to stipulate that hens that reach a certain age are “old” hens. Generally, a hen has been free-ranged for more than 400 days.Those who lay eggs, especially those that have hatched chickens, can be called old hens.

The reason why the old hen soup is admired by many people is mainly from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine. The hen’s chicken is yin, which is more suitable for pregnant women.

The old hen has a longer growing period, and the chicken contains more umami substances than the chicks, which is the first reason to make the chicken soup taste more delicious.

In addition, the old hen has a higher fecal content and the stewed soup is more fragrant.

Consumption effect1, physical fitness: chicken has high digestibility, can be easily absorbed and used by the human body, and has the effect of strengthening physical strength and strengthening the body.

2. Improve immunity: In modern society, white-collar workers who are often in a sub-health state are better to eat more to enhance immunity and reduce the chance of illness.

Chicken has the effects of warming and invigorating qi, replenishing essence and filling the marrow, benefiting the five internal organs, and repairing deficiencies. It is used for the treatment of deficient fatigue, weak food, less diarrhea, palpitations, irregular menstruation, less postpartum milk, thirst, edema and other symptoms.
3. Kidney essence: It can relieve the symptoms of urinary replacement, deafness and coldness due to insufficient kidney essence.

4. Promote intellectual development: it has anti-oxidation and certain detoxification effects.

It has a better effect in improving heart and brain function and promoting children’s intellectual development.

[Demystifying women’s most likely age]

[Demystifying women’s most likely age]

According to a survey conducted by the Singapore Family and Juvenile Justice Centre, the average age of husband and wife is 40 years, and the average age of wife is 37 years old.

More than ten years of common life, the running-in period has long passed, why can’t I escape the marriage crisis?

Life trivia accumulates into resentment In the age group of 40 for men and 37 for women, the divorce of couples is common.

Investigations have shown that 20% of the total number of divorces is ultimately divorced due to poor communication between the spouses.

The problem of chai oil and salt accumulated over many years of marriage has become the most harmful weapon.

The first 3 years of marriage are the break-in period, the 7th year is the dangerous period, and the 10th year is the burnout period.

The 40-year-old man and 37-year-old woman’s marriage age is generally about 10 years. In the first two or three years, everyone was in the running-in period, and they were tolerant. They knew that they were dangerous during the six or seven years, so they were cautious;After 10 years, everyone feels that the other party is like their left and right hands. They think that love has replaced love, so small things that were not a problem in the past will also come out and make a lot of noise, and the little quarrels are very hurtful.

Coupled with 10 years of marriage, both in size and in life, the couple have become very different from when they were married. The two have different personalities, outlook on life, outlook on money, attitude towards children, and ways to deal with stress.Differences will be exposed unreservedly during this period, and any of these problems will paralyze the marriage.

Professor Zhu said: “The longer the marriage, the more accustomed to each other, the easier it is to violate the essence of mutual understanding, and the feelings gradually become indifferent.

Professor Zhu believes that no matter what the problem is, both husband and wife should communicate frankly, avoiding the problem is not the solution.


[Transients of black fungus]_ black fungus _ energy _ nutritional value

[Transients of black fungus]_ black fungus _ energy _ nutritional value

Black fungus is a vegetable ingredient that many friends love to eat, because black fungus is relatively crispy, and the taste is not very heavy. It is easy to cook with various ingredients, and its nutritional ingredients are also very suitableOurs.

The conversion rich in fungus per 100 grams is 21 calories. This conversion is very low. If a friend is controlling the transfer of the administrator, black fungus is a good choice of ingredients.

Black fungus is high in trace amounts. The blistered fungus has 21 kcal (per 100 g), and the dry fungus transformation is 205 kcal (per 100 g).

The fungus has high nutritional value and reduced unit volume, and is a four-star weight loss food.

Fungus is a flour-like ear of the fungus family, a fungus that is parasitic on dead wood, so iron, calcium, phosphorus and vitamin B1.

Fresh fungus is gelatinous, translucent, lateral to the tree, ears 5-10 cm in diameter, elastic, smooth and concave on the ventral surface, slightly curled edges, back with very fine fluff, blackBrown or dark brown.

After drying, it shrinks into keratinous, hard and brittle, dark gray or off-white; it expands after entering the water, and can be restored to its original shape, soft and translucent, with smooth mucus on the surface.

The fungus flour is soft, delicious, rich in nutrition, and can be cooked and cooked.

Modern nutritionists praise black fungus as “the quintessence of vegetarian food”, and its nutritional value can be transformed with animal food.

How much is a plate of fungus?

0g) Contains quantum 21 kcal and requires 14 for walking.

Consumed in 5 minutes.

Therefore, the conversion of black fungus is very low compared to foods such as oils and fats. Because of the low conversion of black fungus, it is often referred to as a food for weight loss by accident.

It should also be reminded that obesity is often an accumulation in the body, so the relationship between food conversion and excessiveness should be viewed rationally.

If you have a habit of regular exercise, it will consume the space in your body.

Conversely, if you don’t like exercise, the conversion into the body should not be too high.

It ‘s good to eat black fungus at night. Black fungus contains a lot of gelatin, which can help to adsorb toxins and residual residues. So eating black fungus at night can help clear the intermediates.This can help to clean up the gastrointestinal fats and excess residues, which can help laxative, so eating black fungus at night can be preliminary and have the effect of weight loss.

So eating black fungus at night is very beneficial, and it can also promote digestion.

Precautions when eating fungus 1. Fresh fungus contains a light-sensing substance of porphyrin. After human consumption, it can cause itching, edema, and severe skin necrosis when exposed to the sun.

Dry fungus is a finished product that has been exposed to the sun. During the exposure process, most porphyrins are decomposed. Before eating, the dried fungus is soaked in water, and the remaining porphyrin contained in it will dissolve water. Therefore, water-dried fungus is safeedible.

2. The surface of high-quality fungus is black and smooth, with a gray surface. It feels dry to the touch, no graininess, and no odor in the mouth.

The fake fungus looks thicker and heavier. It feels tilted or grainy when touched, and has a sweet or salty taste in the mouth (usually soaked in sugar or saline).

3, the fungus should not be eaten with the snail. From the medicinal properties of food, cold snails encounter smooth agaric fungus, which is not conducive to digestion, so it should not be eaten together.

Patients with hemorrhoids should not eat the same fungus and pheasants, pheasants have small poisons, and the same food can easily induce hemorrhoid bleeding.

Fungus should not be eaten with wild ducks. Wild ducks are sweet and cold, and easy to digest.

4, suitable for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, calculus patients, especially for iron deficiency people, miners, metallurgical workers, weavers, hairdressers; people with bleeding disorders, diarrhea should not eat or eat less; pregnant women should noteat.

[The correct way to eat Polygonum multiflorum]_Recommended diet

[The correct way to eat Polygonum multiflorum]_Recommended diet

Polygonum multiflorum is a medicinal material with very high nutritional value. Many young friends now often suffer from hair loss due to high work pressure. This will affect their normal employment and marriage.

Everyone can take the medicine of Polygonum multiflorum powder for conditioning, promote the growth of their own hair, and also promote the regeneration of melanin in the scalp. It is very effective in treating hair loss and white hair.

Although consumption of Polygonum multiflorum powder can effectively regulate the hair loss and white hair problems that occur, everyone must master the scientific method of eating Polygonum multiflorum powder. Blind consumption of Polygonum multiflorum powder cannot exert its maximum effect.

It is recommended that everyone can put about 5 grams of Polygonum multiflorum powder into the cup every night, and then add about 300ml of hot water for brewing.

Stir well with chopsticks.

Properly placing a cup of Polygonum multiflorum every night can effectively improve your own sleep quality, enhance your own sleep depth, and also achieve a good chance of preventing osteoporosis in elderly friends.

It can comprehensively supplement a variety of trace elements required by the body, and enhance its immunity and resistance in all aspects.

Friends drinking can also soak Polygonum multiflorum powder in white wine every morning, but do not repeat it. A lot of white liquor references will cause a series of problems such as dizziness and headache. A small amount of white liquor accompanied by Polygonum multiflorum powder can also achieve a goodThe effect of nutritional health care can help delay the process of aging and reduce the chance of various disease problems.

However, it is not recommended that people take a drug called Polygonum multiflorum for a long time to treat their own diseases. It is a drug that is tritoxic. Which drugs, while exerting their main effects, will more or less have a certain burden on the human body.

Suffering from Polygonum multiflorum for a long time may cause the human body to produce a certain amount of drug metabolism, which will cause great harm to the human body’s immunity and resistance over time.

[Encyclopedia of the practice of yogurt buns]_ production method _ home practice

[Encyclopedia of the practice of yogurt buns]_ production method _ home practice

No food can be confined to a box, such as steamed buns. We can also put it in pastries to make it.

When mixing noodles, add yogurt and powdered sugar, then add lemon juice and stir well.

If the earliest dough is delicious, the best way to cook it is to bake it in the oven. The taste is similar to that of a small steamed bun with yoghurt, and the unique flavor of yogurt makes it easy to drool.

Step 1. Prepare tools, flour sieve, manual egg beater, large size and flour (everyone likes, large size and noodles don’t easily overflow), plastic wrap, prepare eggs after cooking, then peel off the yolk.

Step 2: Pour the yoghurt into the large sum basin, then add the powdered sugar, stir with an egg beater until the sugar is dissolved in the yoghurt, and then pour into the lemon juice. Step 3, mix the flour with starch, add baking powder and milk powder, And then use a flour sieve to sieve these mixtures into the dissolved yogurt replacement, then sieve the flour clean, blow dry with a hair dryer, and then continue to use the yolk yolk, you can use a large spoon to sieve the yolkJust press it down, this process is a bit more laborious.

Step 4 The next step is to use a manual whisk to mix these things in the basin and knead them into a dough!

Wrap the dough in plastic wrap, put it in the refrigerator for an hour, and then take it out and knead it with a bit of dry low-gluten flour. Don’t knead too long to prevent gluten!

Step, 5 Next is to make small buns, while preheating the oven, 210 degrees, warm up and down, put the dough into a dime coin-like diameter for 10 minutes, put a bullet on the baking sheet, and squash it slightly, Remember to put barbecue foil!

Step 6, 180 degrees, heat up and down, just 15 minutes.

Add beer and rice wine when baking. If you want to bake quickly, it is not enough to put yeast. We must first prepare warm water at 35-40 ℃, then add rice wine, 30 ml of beer and a small spoon of sugar, and thenAdd flour to the bowl and stir the flour ingredients.

Cover the bowl with plastic wrap or cover the lid. Within 10 minutes, the dough will swell and become very strong. After kneading a few times, cut into small pieces, knead and put into a steamer.

[Millet hand torn bread practice]_ delicious practice _ home practice

[Millet hand torn bread practice]_ delicious practice _ home practice

Melaleuca torn bread is something that everyone should have eaten in ordinary times, mainly because the taste of the bread is better and suitable for us. Therefore, we recommend that you come to understand the practice of Melaleuca.

We make thousand-layer hand torn bread. First, we need to learn the method of noodles and the method of thousand layers, and then the method of steaming bread. You can learn the specific method.

Materials: 300 grams of high-gluten flour, 3 grams of yeast, 2 grams of salt, 145 grams of water, 35 grams of dough, 20 grams of cotton sugar, 80 grams of milk, 80 grams of coconut.

Production: Pour the ingredients into the bread machine and noodles. Remember to clean the barrel of the bread machine before pouring it in and add a small amount of oil.

After pouring, connect the power supply, power on and the surface.

Soon, the dough is ready, glucose is added, and the yeast is fermented.

The correct way to add yeast is to dig a hole in the middle of the dough.

After the dough has fermented, complete the final baking process and you are ready to eat.

Note: Do not switch the bread machine on and off repeatedly while the power is on.

Note that its fermentation time should not be too short, otherwise, it is easy for fermentation to fail.

If the fermentation machine has not finished fermentation, the bread machine will stop, it may be a malfunction, it is best to ask professional personnel to come to repair.

How to make bread with a bread machine?

First, put the bread machine you just bought in the correct position, remove the inner bucket and clean it, and check whether the power cord is abnormal.

The second step is to prepare the raw materials, put the raw materials in the bread machine, start the dough mixing procedure, and make the dough.

In the third step, after the dough is finished, add a starter to allow the dough to ferment to its original double size and fluffy state.

The fourth step is to enter the baking process. The color of the bread after baking can be selected by yourself. It is related to the burnt process. Be careful not to get too burned to avoid getting angry.

Fifth step, unplug the power plug, take out the bread, clean the inner bucket, put the bread machine back to the original position, and start eating delicious bread.

[Is genital herpes serious]_harm_affect

[Is genital herpes serious]_harm_affect

When you are having sex, if you don’t pay attention to hygiene, you will be easily infected with genital herpes, and genital herpes is very contagious. If patients want to alleviate the disease, they must do a good job of genital hygiene.Keep the genitals clean and dry, and prevent the occurrence of colds, colds, and fatigue. Otherwise, even the worsening of genital herpes and the recovery of the disease, is genital herpes serious?

Genital herpes is a type of sexually transmitted disease. The symptoms of genital herpes are caused by itching in patients. Itching patients are very sad.

Genital herpes usually has prodromal symptoms several hours to five days before the onset of rash, manifested as local itching.

Genital herpes patients will have small clusters of blisters in the affected area, which will soon rupture to form erosions or superficial ulcers. Genital herpes patients will feel slight pain, itching, and burning.

Genital herpes is prone to recurrent episodes, making patients suffer from itching and intolerance, and has a large psychological burden.

The symptoms of genital herpes are not only itching, but also many clinical manifestations that have a significant impact on the health of patients.

Genital herpes infection may have local pain or burning sensation, erythema seen on the genitals, red rash or small vesicular pustules, or ulcerated faces, ulcers, small fissures, and inguinal lymphadenopathy. Most of the cases occur in the glans, coronary sulcus,Penis body anxious yin port and so on.

Genital herpes is a highly infectious disease. Viral infection is one of the main routes of transmission. It is best to go to the hospital for examination and symptomatic treatment.

Go to the hospital to check and then determine the method of treatment. In fact, genital herpes can be cured. You should avoid fatigue, alcohol and sexual life during the treatment.

Use condoms when needed, but be aware that condoms do not completely shut off the transmission of genital herpes.

Is genital herpes serious?

Patients will experience discomfort after repeated symptoms.

If your sexual partner has an initial episode of genital herpes, condyloma acuminata may have general discomfort, fever, headache, and joint and muscle pain in addition to symptoms such as burning and pain in the genital area.

The blister then ruptures, often with ulcers.

The scalp heals gradually, and usually leaves no trace.

[Crab and Onion]_Action_Benefits

[Crab and Onion]_Action_Benefits

Crab and onion are two kinds of ingredients that can be put together to make food. Because onions are irritating and can reduce the fishy smell of crabs, we can learn how to steam crabs with creamy onions.
For steamed crabs with cream onion, we need to clean the crabs first, then stir-fry the fragrant onion shreds with cream. Steam the crabs and onion shreds together and cook them out of the pan.
奶油洋葱蒸螃蟹材料螃蟹 3只,洋葱 1/2颗,青葱 3根,奶油 1小块,米酒 1大匙,盐 1小匙,辣椒2根,黑胡椒 少许,蒜头 3小片,姜 3小片做法1. Wash and remove the crabs and handle them clean. Wash the onions and shred them for use. 2.
Stir-fry the onion with butter and stir-fry. 3.
Take a plate and place the fried onion on the bottom.及葱段、辣椒丝、米酒、盐、黑胡椒、蒜头片、姜片5、包上保鲜膜放入电锅蒸约十五分钟即可取出享用 洋葱炒螃蟹材料花蟹2只洋葱一颗鸡蛋2-3 pieces of rice wine with a little sand tea sauce
The flower crab is gillless.
Use a small toothbrush to clean the seams of your feet.
2. Cut the body into 4 pieces.
Two chelate cracked.
3. Diced onions.
Eggs are set aside.
Heated + oil-> sauté onion, stir-fry + water to soften (the soup will have the sweet taste of onion, so no flavor is added) 5.
Add the crab and the onion and fry again + rice wine + water, covering half of the crab.
Cover the lid and wait a few minutes 6.
When you are done, pour the eggs, wait 10 seconds for the eggs to form, and stir fry (otherwise the eggs will stick to the pan) + Shacha sauce.

[Four leftover women most blind to men]

[Four leftover women most blind to men]

Shakespeare, a British writer, said: All love that is not for marriage is a hooligan.

Now, I’m afraid to say another thing: all marriages for the purpose of marriage are foolish.

As the years get older, unmarried men and women have been labeled “leftover men” and “leftover women”.

People of the same age are already married and even have children.

I wasn’t nervous, but others looked anxious.

One by one, they strive to be affectionate and righteous “matchmakers”.

A habit of comparing women to the past is always lingering.

So she kept a comparison of everyone she met later.

Don’t even think about it, if you fail to reach the end, you have no fate.

Taking 10,000 steps back is also that you are not good enough and not attractive enough.

Are you more stupid?

Happiness will scare you away.

Men are good-faced and have self-esteem. Who doesn’t want to be unique?

What’s so interesting about being a foil nowadays?


[Braised Potato Stewed Chicken Legs]_How to do _How to Make

[Braised Potato Stewed Chicken Legs]_How to do _How to Make

Chicken legs and potatoes are more compatible. Making potatoes together can fully integrate the flavor of chicken legs. It can be said that the two ingredients can complement each other. The most common method for potatoes and chicken legs is stewed chicken legs with braised potatoes, which is delicious and nutritious.It’s also good, the method is relatively simple, and it has a good conditioning and health effect on the body.

If you can put a little more mushrooms, it will be more delicious.

Ingredients for stewed chicken legs with braised potatoes: 8 chicken drumsticks, 2 potatoes, soy sauce, cooking wine, star anise, 4 cloves of garlic, 1 spoon of raw flour, salt, watercress sauce, dried pepper method 1.

Chicken drumsticks are immersed in water for freezing.

The soaking time depends on the degree of thawing of the chicken legs?

Two potatoes, peeled and cut into small pieces.

Soak in water to precipitate starch.


Marinated chicken legs: Moderate amount of salt, soy sauce / soy sauce, seasoning wine, a spoonful of raw flour, marinating time: 30 minutes (turn the chicken legs over at 15 minutes) 4.

Hot pot-pour oil-put star anise / aniseed, dried pepper, garlic clove shabu-shabu to fry the flavor, put in the marinated chicken legs and fry for 4-5 minutes on high heat.

Put two bowls of water and simmer for 30-35 minutes over medium heat.

Add potatoes 10 minutes before serving.

Depending on your taste, add a small amount of sugar and watercress sauce.

Cooking instructions 1.

People who are worried about obesity, as long as the skin of the chicken leg is peeled and eaten, the transfer of transformation can be reduced.


For better iron intake, you can add vitamin C or vinegar with acidic substances.

This will be effective.

If it is fried, be sure to add lemon juice or shred the meat and drizzle with vinegar.


Before cooking, the whole chicken leg should be pierced with a fork to make it easier to ripen and make it easier to penetrate the taste.


Eating chicken leg meat and cooking orange peel can prevent anemia, while chicken leg fried cauliflower can enhance the liver’s detoxification function, improve immunity, and prevent colds and scurvy.


From a nutritional point of view, it is better to eat young chicken than adult chicken.

For better iron intake, you can add vitamin C or vinegar with acidic substances.

Such as cooking the leg meat with oranges, the aunt in the meat becomes soft and delicious, and increases the absorption rate of iron.

6, smoked chicken legs taste mellow, rosy, crisp and palatable, should not be spoiled.

Suitable for all kinds of people.

Suitable taboo 1, suitable for the general population can be eaten.

The elderly, patients, frail people, and patients with anemia are more suitable for consumption.

2. Avoid eating colds, fever, internal fires, heavy phlegm, people with obesity, people with bloated fever, people with hypertension, people with high blood lipids, people with cholecystitis, cholelithiasisPeople don’t eat.